Are the Big Wedding Websites DEAD?

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David Fuher of the event planning website claims that wedding planning websites, including the “big boys,” are doomed to fail. “Any website that thinks they have a sustainable plan to create revenue by selling advertising or directing traffic to local businesses are simply wrong. A website is simply a marketing tool, not a business […]

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2 Cheap Marketing Strategies That Built Our 6 Figure Wedding Business

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By all rights, Jeff and I never should have been able to build a successful wedding DJ business. The recipe looked really bad on paper: no experience, no connections…no clue. (Okay, we did have a little something going for us.  We are smart cookies, after all…) But our story has a happy ending, in large […]

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Wedding Industry Trends: 2011 Predictions from the Wedding Report

The Wedding Report just released two valuable reports about US wedding industry performance. (There is a small fee to download the reports, well worth the price, in my opinion.) You can download them here: Online Wedding Marketing Report 2010 2011 Market Insight Report Two important findings: The size of the online wedding market is increasing.  […]

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The Price Slashing Competition vs. the Higher Priced Wedding Professional

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We’re all sick and tired of being under-priced by Craigslist competitors who wouldn’t know the value of professional service if it bit them in the arse. But there is a dangerous side to discounting.  And the truth is that most wedding professionals don’t know what they really need to make just to break even. This […]

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