How Much Should Traveling Wedding Pros Charge?

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Recently, Thrillist came up with some data examining how much people spend per state when they give a cash gift for a wedding. Things fall in line more or less where you would expect them to, with some exceptions. For example, the average cash gift in California is $150, but in my home state of Ohio, it’s $164. This is

Hey, Wedding Pro! Want to Retire Rich?

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Okay, stop! Pause. Breathe. Quit running around your wedding business for two seconds and say one word with me. “Retirement.” That doesn’t calm you down, either, does it? Ugh, sorry. You’ll be searching for your ginkgo biloba and reading glasses before you know it. To be honest, retirement savings is one of my favorite topics (no lie!) because of the

3 Ways to Build Better Relationships With Your Wedding Clients

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Like it or not, we’ve found ourselves smack-dab in something customer service gurus like to call “the relationship era.” When it comes to customer service, it’s all about relationship-building. Can you say, without one second of hesitation, that your wedding business is excellent at building relationships with customers or clients? For an example of bad customer service, I’ll (unfortunately) dive

The Trick to Turning Pictures into Dollars

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By Amanda Warren With the focus on visual media online, particularly on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, it is important to put your best “face”. Forward. The ONLY way to do this is by sharing compelling images to attract your customers. Everyone has digital camera in their pocket, but it takes more than that to make products/services pop

Why I Finally Decided To Hire An SEO Professional

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After taking Book More Brides’ blogging course and learning tons of SEO tricks and tips, I patiently waited for my Google rank to improve…but there I sat on page 8 for freakin’ ever. They taught us that we should not expect overnight results, but, after a year, and knowing I was doing so many things better than the sites ahead

Trending Now: Taco Bell Weddings

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It doesn’t take long for wedding pros to be in the business to know some couples really thrive on kitsch and irony. Such hipsters are not difficult to spot. The men in such couples will likely be sporting a handlebar mustache. The women will perhaps be wearing kitty-cat glasses. They both will be drinking PBR.   In Las Vegas, Taco

How to Land that Gig? Know your Audience!

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By Amanda Warren Not everyone wants the same thing when it comes to weddings: one person may crave the traditional with all of the trappings, another might be drawn by the newest wedding trends, and some people are just marching to the beat of their own drummer.     Whatever direction a couple chooses for their wedding in terms of

Should I Be Creating Online Content For My Wedding Website?

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By Sam Brown If you’re keen to book more weddings, you’ve probably investigated a range of marketing options. From local print advertising to Facebook ads and special promotions, there are lots of avenues you may be considering pursuing to get your service noticed.     Among these options, you’ve almost certainly read about the benefits of content marketing. For many

The Secret to Educating Millennials About Your Value

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Yesterday’s wedding advertising doesn’t work like it did in the old days. Bridal shows, magazines, directory listings, newspapers — What? You mean those things we use to line the birdcage? — are not typically the best places to find today’s couples.   96% of Millennials use the internet to plan the wedding and 92% of them are looking for PRICE.

5 Social Media Management Tools That Save Time And Increase Exposure

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By Amanda Warren Without social media wedding professionals could not, despite the loveliness of their websites, make ends meet or reach new clients. How would traffic ever find you and where would you find your clients? I mean, who looks in the yellow pages anymore?   Unfortunately, many wedding professionals put all of their eggs in one basket when it