What Wedding Guests Really Want

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As a wedding professional, it’s easy to fall into a rote questionnaire-esque checklist with clients. “Name? Wedding date? How many tables? What color linens?” And check, check, check mark everything off the list till you get to the end. Yes, it’s important to build relationships with your clients, but don’t let your clients forget that there are also real, live

The Way To A Couple’s Heart Is Through Their Stomach

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So this story, about an Australian bride whose bouquet was made of donuts, hit my stream recently. It’s just what it sounds like. The pictures look…delicious. It wasn’t the bride’s idea directly, but she did win some sort of drumming-up-business contest with a dessert company that provided the bouquets. This is usually where I start making fun of the silly

How to Avoid “Idea Overload” at Wedding Conferences

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When I became a full-time wedding professional about 5 years ago, I discovered Book More Brides and, man, did I start studying! Since then I have attended wedding and marketing conferences (come see me speak about Pinterest marketing at this year’s Wedding MBA), taken classes with Book More Brides, and worked with a business coach. One of the most prominent things

Be an Invincible Wedding Pro In Any Weather

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Hey, do you want to be the most BADASS WEDDING PROFESSIONAL EVER?!? Are you trying to be a WEDDING PRO SUPERHERO??? Then let it be known that nothing as piddly as a hurricane will stop you from performing your duties on that bride and groom’s special day. I am writing this while Hurricane Irma is making its way up the

Combating Bridechilla: Bridezilla’s alter ego?

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Quick quiz. Which is worse, Bridezilla or Bridechilla? Wedding professionals, if we took a vote, right here, right now, which would you choose? I know that through your wedding business, you’ve met both—you’ve overheard a bridezilla discuss how she’s required her bridesmaids to dye their hair brown so she’s the only blonde, the bridezilla who dumps a bridesmaid because the

Is It Humanly Possible to Keep Up with Wedding Trends?!

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I must admit that I’m a bit puzzled that wedding trends and fads changing so quickly, as laid out, for example, in this Vogue article about 2017 wedding food trends. This is what I mean: Fashion trends come and go quickly too. But you wear clothes every day, and it’s understandable that you’d get tired of this or that style

One New Daily Habit Can Make You an Extra $3K This Month

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By: Eathan Janney In the previous post we explored how a change in mindset can seriously affect your business. There is a certain mind that hates selling and there is another mind that believes there is joy present in the sales process.   In that last post we introduced the phase “selling is love” for your consideration and argued that

3 Ways To Squeeze Out More Content For Your Website

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Forbes recently ran this piece that caught my eye: “Four Luxurious Venues For A Paradise Wedding in Uluwatu, Bali.” Not Four Luxurious Venues In Indonesia, or even Four Luxurious Venues In Bali, but Four Luxurious Venues in a particular neighborhood in Bali. This, in a nutshell, exemplifies how hard it can be to come up with original content. It’s even

Featured Wedding Superheroes: Automatic Lead Machine Addition

Jeff and I are passionate about empowering wedding pros to grow their businesses to the next level so that we can multiply our influence by making a difference in the world. We also LOVE having fun and rewarding our fast implementing students! That’s why we hosted a good-natured competition with our Automatic Lead Machine students during the first six weeks.

How to Fit In At Weddings (Since You’ll Be There Anyway)

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If you’re reading this, there’s a fine chance you’ve seen the movie Wedding Crashers. If you haven’t, you can probably guess what it’s about just by the name: a comedy about a couple of guys who crash weddings for fun and booze. Welp, according to CBS News, a couple of people have pulled that off in real life. A couple