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What Is the Best Way to Stand Out and Get Clients On Social Media?

“I spent money using Social Media marketing (google, twitter, facebook etc.) what a huge waste of time and money. So I ask you what am I doing wrong and what can I do…

Okay, I do meet and network with a lot of companies and individuals but the competition is so huge that its like a needle in a hay stack. The new clients that I do have from social media is great but a little scary, they really are not my audience. So I ask you? What should I do!!!!”

Answer: Connect with clients, network with vendors and laser target.

Can you attract leads and get clients on social media?  Absolutely.

The reason most wedding pros (including you, I’m sure) don’t have success is because you’re not playing by the social media rules.

Unlike traditional advertising, you seldom get instant results because social media is about building relationships, not selling.

If you want to get clients with social media, here’s what to do in order from the simplest to the most complex.

*Special Note: Before you begin, make sure there is an easy way to find your website, email address and phone number from each of your social media accounts.  Otherwise, couples who love your stuff won’t be able to contact you for more!

4 Ways to Get Real Leads On Social Media

1) Friend and connect with all your current clients on social media.

Make it a habit to ask for your couples’ social media contact info when you book them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest in particular.

Once you’re connected, respond to their wedding-related posts.  Share their posts and tag them in any of your own that may be helpful for planning the wedding.

You’ll stay top of mind and get shared with their closest family and friends when they are most excited about the planning process.

Remember, treat them just like you would any of your “real” friends and don’t blast their wall or feed with promotions.  That’s a good way to tick them off.

2) Connect with other local wedding pros on social media.

Follow their business pages, but more importantly, connect with their personal profiles.  This is where the most powerful networking happens.

Create a group or list containing just your networking contacts to make it easy for you to track their activities in the feed.  Comment, like and share their posts on a regular basis.  It’s an easy way to build relationships and earn referrals.

3) Share your real weddings, updates and photos every week.

Whatever’s new and exciting in your wedding universe is great material for social media sharing, whether it’s the newest bouquet you’ve designed or the coolest First Dance mix.  Make a habit of posting and interacting regularly.

– Tag the businesses and couples involved in those weddings when you share to encourage them to spread the word.

– If your business includes physical products such as flowers, invitations or photographs, share images the wedding-obsessed will like and share.

Learn more about how to get booked with Instagram and become a top wedding pinner on Pinterest in these articles.

4) Run targeted Facebook Ads.

Facebook allows you to target a specific prospect right down to the zip code and what they eat for breakfast.

Target males or females in your local market with relationship status “Engaged” and who also like “weddings” or other areas of interest that your best clients have in common.  This puts your ad only in front of qualified couples.

Avoid trying to get couples to book you right from the ad.  Remember on social media you need to be…social.

Instead, design your ad to get them to click through to your website.  You’ll have an easier time selling them from there.

Learn 7 Sneaky Ways to Reach Couples With Facebook Ads here.

Why You’re Attracting Scary Social Media Leads

You also mention that the new clients you’ve booked from social media are “scary.”  This suggests one or more of the following:

1. These “scary” leads are getting referred by former clients (budget shoppers?) who were less than ideal.

2. Your offer or ad is attracting these “scary” couples.

3. The audience you’re connecting with is the “scary” market.

74% of adults in the United States use social media.  This number is far too large for it to be true that ALL all social media leads are low quality or undesirable.

Since it’s highly likely the audience you want to attract is using social media, it means something you’re doing is appealing to the wrong market.  For instance, if you’re posting sales and specials all the time, don’t be surprised to attract budget shoppers and negotiators.

Figure out why you’re attracting poor quality leads on social media and change your approach to attract your ideal clients.

Pick one of these strategies and start working it!  Learn from other wedding pros who are rockin’ it online with social media (like this DJ who booked a wedding with a cake photo) and measure your results so you can optimize and improve.

How do you stand out on social media?

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