bride in computer

When you have a wedding website, videos are some of the most powerful marketing tools than can be used. If your business can put together a good video it makes your website stand out from the completion as it gives the potential client a better feel for your business while building trust. 

You’ve probably heard the term “SEO Optimization” being thrown around everywhere you look in regards to online marketing strategies. When it comes to your videos you need to use SEO optimization on them as much as anything else on your website.

So what are the basics? Site Visibility has posted a short webcast on video SEO with a lot of the basics. First thing that I loved was the mention of ReelSEO which is a great online tool for doing this. When you create a video you need to add keywords to the video, but not in the content itself. Put your keyword in the title of the video and in the tags. Also think about what you can do to increase the number of people interested in viewing your video as this helps it get ranked higher.

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