mistake note

Here’s the scenario…

You’ve got some awesome new images you want to add to your wedding business website.  Or you want to swap out the text to share your new pricing.

So you send your webmaster an email and wait for a response.  And wait, and wait, and wait.

After two weeks, months or YEARS he finally gets around to making the changes.  You’re so frustrated that you could throw your computer across the room.

Oh, and then you have to pay him handsomely for the 5 minutes it took him to make the change.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

I’ve got a confession to make: our wedding business website went untouched and unchanged for about four years!

That was before I took control.  We had our website converted into a WordPress blog and from then on, I was the real webmistress.  whip crack

There are a lot of dangerous mistakes to avoid when it comes to your website and most of them I’ve learned the hard way.  You can get some GREAT pieces of advice from our friend Brian Lawrence over on the Local Traffic Builder blog here:  Your Website Designer Should Not Hold You Hostage

I made one of the other mistakes he mentions, too.  I let my old website designer set up the hosting for my domain, which meant that the account was in his name.  When I tried to move the site, I learned that as far as the hosting company was concerned any files and images on my domain belonged to him.  Even though I owned the domain!

Do a little homework so that you can avoid these and other website nightmares.

Got any hard-earned website tips to share?  Leave a comment so we can learn from your mistakes!

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