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Stephanie Padovani

Stephanie is a Hudson Valley wedding insider, blogger, writer, and wedding business coach. Want to book more weddings at higher prices? Quit dealing with price shoppers? Transform your wedding business so that it supports the life you really want? Look her up! They don't call her the Wedding Business Cheerleader for nothing. :)

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    BookMoreBrides.com (Book More Brides or “BMB”) Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy is here to let you know why we collect information and exactly what we do with it. What information does BMB collect from our users and how do we collect it? BMB only contacts individuals who specifically request that we do so […]

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About Us

    Hi!  We are Stephanie and Jeff Padovani, a husband-wife power business duo. We accidentally started our adventure in the wedding business way back in 2000.  We wanted to combine our love of music, passion for working with people along with our expertise in business marketing, advertising, and sales, so we formed The DJ […]

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