4 Creative Bridal Show Strategies

If you go to a wedding show and do simply do what everyone else does, you’re not going to stand out. That’s how you blend in. That kind of defeats the purpose, right? WARNING: if you really want to get noticed, it means being different. It means taking a chance on something that might not work and it feels risky.

4 Better Alternatives to Bridal Show Leads

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Sure, bridal shows are where the brides hang out. That makes them a premiere opportunity to get found and booked. But what if you hate bridal shows? Or what if you’re tired of risking your hard-earned money for a wedding show that may or may not deliver? Attending a bridal show certainly isn’t for everyone. Here’s something those show producers

Social Media at Weddings: Yay or No Way?

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When we started our wedding business sixteen years ago, there was no such thing as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Pro cameras were expensive, and we watched weddings with our eyes, not through the lens of a smart phone. But today’s Millennial couples increasingly want digital proof of their weddings’ awesomeness. There’s an opportunity for wedding professionals to facilitate that desire

Featured Wedding Superhero: Brandon Morgan, Videographer

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Brandon Morgan of And Ever Films specializes in capturing cinematic stories of his clients’ wedding days. He’s also a doer. Give him a suggestion to improve his website and it’s done the next day. Challenge him to implement a strategy, and he’s on it. This is just a part of what makes Brandon a Wedding Superhero. I learned more through

8 Expert Tips for Advertising Your Wedding Business

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Wedding advertising offers an irresistible promise: pay money, get leads. Unfortunately, it’s often not as simple and effective as wedding pros would hope. Without a smart strategy and a compatible advertising source, you might as well flush that money down the crapper. (Pardon my French.) I polled some advertising experts to get their best advice for advertising spend that creates

Featured Wedding Superhero: Jamie Brewer, Wedding Planner

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Jamie Brewer is the owner and lead planner at Day Lily Events in Evansville, Indiana. Her enthusiasm and fast implementation made her the winner of our Rapid Growth System contest, and I’ve been impressed by her effervescent personality and love for helping others ever since. Here’s more from Jamie, as told in her interview with me (Stephanie Padovani). Superpowers: Irresistible

5 Sneaky FREE Ways to Grow Your Wedding Business With Facebook

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It’s beyond frustrating. You know your brides and grooms are on Facebook. Some of them may even “like” your page, but you have to pay just to get them to see your posts. How on earth can you can you connect with couples without spending a bundle? Oh, it can be done, Weedhopper. Let me introduce you to… The Search

Anatomy of a Crappy Wedding Ad

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Let’s talk about ads, shall we? I know. Boooring. I’ll try to spice this up a little with some real life examples…and a dose of Padovani zaniness. 🙂 What is the purpose of an ad? Ooooh. That was a trick question! Before you can design an effective ad, you need to know it’s purpose. Because that purpose might be any

The Secret to Raving Fans, Viral Promotion and Clean Armpits

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I normally hate commercials, but not this one. I was hooked in under 3 seconds. Watch it here: Dove Isn’t Selling You Soap When I watch this video, I have a strong emotional reaction. I feel indignant. Bold. Empowered. Inspired. “You don’t get to tell me how I live my life,” she says, and I’m saying it along with her.

Answer the Phone, Dammit! 4 Ways to Book Weddings With Voicemail

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I knew it was going to be bad, but I just wasn’t prepared for this. Let me paint the picture for you. I set aside an hour today to make random calls to some of the awesome members of our Book More Brides community (yes, I do things like that) so I could say thanks and see how we can