5 Marketing Hacks For Bridal Shop Owners

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Bridal shop owners can feel a bit left out of the wedding industry since they do not attend weddings and don’t participate in the planning process like so many of the other wedding pros on Book More Brides do. So, to all of you out there providing the amazing gowns the rest of us admire at our clients’ weddings…this is

38 MORE Websites To Get Free Marketing For Your Wedding Business

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Can never get enough free marketing for your wedding business, am I right? This post is a follow-up to “14 Websites to Get Free Marketing For Your Wedding Business” which you’ll want to check out right after reading this list. Almost all of these websites except 2-3 will link back to your website, which ultimately improves your search engine ranking—yea!

The Definitive Guide to Advertising on Wedding Blogs Pt. II

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Please read the first part of this article before continuing. My best wedding blog advertising experience has been with Offbeat Bride. I’ve renewed several times, done two sponsored posts, and a sidebar ad. In my most successful year on Offbeat Bride, I booked 5-6 weddings with one $350 investment in their vendor guide. To put this in perspective, each wedding

The Definitive Guide to Advertising on Wedding Blogs Pt. I

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There are very few resources available on wedding blog advertising. There is some information available on advertising in bridal magazines or on sites like The Knot  and Wedding Wire. While I can’t offer you a ton of concrete statistics, I can offer you my insight after having advertised for years on a variety of wedding blogs ranging from Offbeat Bride

How One $15 Niche Domain Name Got Me On Page 1

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Once upon a time (circa 2013), I bought the domain name CountryWeddingDJ.com. Go ahead….google “country wedding DJ” and see what happens.  I’ll wait. So CountryWeddingDJ.com now forwards to CountryDJStaci.com…but you saw me at the top of Google. Ahead of people like professional Nashville country DJs like Dee Jay Silver and Hish. I know, sickening, isn’t it? It gets worse, so

How I Stopped Price Haggling

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Like most wedding professionals, I have experimented with a ton of different prices and package options over the years. A lot of times it felt like throwing options up in the air and seeing what stuck. You have to start somewhere, right? It’s a process of trial and error for sure, but after each new add-on, upgrade, and rate I

Low-Season Wedding Marketing “To Do” List

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Low season is starting for those of us in the wedding industry…which means it’s time to re-group and get ready for next season with this handy dandy Low-Season Wedding Marketing “To Do” List. #1 – Are You Up-to-Date? Look over all your business’ social media accounts, marketing materials, your website, your listings on The Knot and WeddingWire, etc. Is all

Sales Tips From Personality Trainer Vickie Musni

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I first met Vickie Musni by attending one of her personality seminars at the Mobile Beat DJ conference. The following year we roomed together at a Mark Ferrell MCing workshop and have since shared rooms at a few industry conferences together. Vickie has a lot of valuable knowledge to share with the wedding community about different personality types and how

3 Clients I Wish I Had Fired & Why

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If you are new to the wedding industry and find yourself combing the Book More Brides website for tips and advice, you have probably come across some articles discussing firing clients or turning away prospects. If you are like me, you read that advice, thought to yourself, “That’s smart! I’m going to do that,” and then the next time a

We Spoke & The Knot Listened!

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High fives to everyone who read my last article (“Stand Up Against The Knot’s Proposed Price Quote System”) and copied and pasted the enclosed email to their sales reps! Just a few days after my article went live, I received an email from Kate Ngo, Director of Product for The Knot. She wanted to talk! Before I get to my