Why you should use Twitter

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Twitter is often considered a social network that you can basically use as a billboard advertising your business. While that can be one of its uses, anyone, especially if you are in the wedding industry, should use it for what it was created for: Networking. Case in point: Instead of just pitching your product or company in your tweets, try

Protecting Yourself on the Social Networks

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Privacy has always been a concern with the internet, and for good reason. Hackers don’t care who you are, whether you are a business or just a person. If your give out information it will stay out there, available to anyone and everyone. Obviously you have to give out a certain amount of information to sign up for social networks,

How Many Bridesmaids Is TOO Many?

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Kim Fusaro askes the question of whether there is such a thing as too many bridesmaids. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on the subject. However the deciding factor seems to be how large the actual wedding is. Brides will often turn to wedding professionals that are helping with their wedding for help on this subject as they don’t

How to break through the voice mail barrier for selling

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Cold calling can be extremely frustrating now days due to the fact that a majority of companies allow calls to go straight to voice mail. Getting past the voice mail and getting to actually speak to a live person takes organization and planning. As much as we all hate leaving voice messages it is simply a fact of the business

Facebook Comments Now Allow Moderator Control

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How many times have you had to deal with Facebook followers posting inappropriate comments, and spamming your page? Or how about the annoying comments that comes in ALL CAPS?!? Most Facebook Fan Page moderators get fed up with dealing with this every day. Facebook has responded with their new moderator comment controls that allow you to blacklist words, people, and formatting

The Internet is Key for Community Involvement

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Most business coaches talk about how important the internet is for building a successful business. But why would a company be interested in using the internet if they have a local business, or even if they have a more international business? According to research done by Cynthia Boris on a survey by Pew Internet and American Life Project, 34% of

6 Steps to Creating a Great Wedding Blog

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I’ve been a fan of blogs since they first came out. However it has struck me as interesting that there is a 95% failure rate on creating a successful blog that lasts for over a year. It really isn’t that hard to have a successful blog as long as you know the foundational steps to creating a blog, and stick

How To Use The Rule of Twitter Anticipation

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Twitter is a huge building block on promoting events, products, and companies. In fact, in the last few years it has built up to a point where companies and celebrities are realizing that they can create a frenzy of excitement amongst their fans ahead of the release of the product, or date of the event. They are able to do

Facebook Updates Comment Platform

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Facebook has been doing a ton of work this year in developing and releasing new upgrades for Facebook Pages. The latest is a cool new commenting plug-in that allows business owners to have more control in moderating the comments posted on their business fan page wall. Some of the great features according to Kipp Bodnar via his blog post are

How To Make Your Wedding Business Stand Apart

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Standing out from you’re your competitors should be the goal of every business. After all, if you blend in, then how on earth are brides going to find you? Normally I love home shows. They have some of the coolest ideas and companies with booths set up, samples of food, and great marketing strategies that pull customers in. Last year