3 Steps To Be More Productive

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So you are running your own wedding business which is really cool, except for how much time you are spending every day on it. You are probably like the rest of us, wondering how on earth you can get everything done that you need to, but still have time for outside activities like spending time with family. In Justin Lukasavige’s

The Wonderful World of Delegation

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Working with a VA can be a huge stress reliever for a wedding professional. Instead of having to deal with all the crazy emails, scheduling meetings, an often even the implementation of new marketing strategies you can hire someone else to take care of the bulk of those responsibilities. Maren Donovan writes about her experience with her virtual assistant and

How to Price Your Services

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Many wedding professionals go back again and again to the question of how they should be pricing their services or products. You can majorly hurt your business by either over pricing or under pricing, so instead of trying to come up with a nice price that sounds good, you actually need to implement strategies that will enable you to find

What Google Knows That You Don’t

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Google Analytics shows you a lot about other websites, and your own wedding business website ranking. But while they are gathering that information for you, they are also gather the same information and more about your wedding business website.  According to Adam Riemer’s article Google ranks your site on a number of things that you may not ever hear about.

Is Your Wedding business Like Blockbuster or Netflix?

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Many of us were rather shocked at the news that Blockbuster went under last year. At the same time Netflix has been growing by leaps and bounds. So what makes the difference and how can wedding businesses avoid the same outcome as blockbuster? The first and main thing that Blockbuster did wrong was to cling to the old business platforms

What is Relationship Marketing and How Does It Work?

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Relationship marketing is primarily used for convincing clients that you are an expert in your field. Obviously with wedding businesses this is going to be crucial across the board. You can’t just advertise yourself and expect people to come flocking in to buy your products and services. They have to know and trust you first. As a wedding planner this

How To Use Google Analytics In Your Blog

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Keeping track of your stats for your wedding blog can be extremely helpful for knowing if you are reaching your audience. However there are a few things you may want to consider to make your time spent looking at Google Analytics worthwhile.                   Scott Cowley of SEO.com recommends that the first thing

Accepting Credit Cards

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The fees connect to accepting credit cards make many businesses shun them al together. When you are trying to make a solid profit setting a long term commitment with the credit card company and having fees on top of it can be daunting. That has triggered the increase in businesses and websites that use PayPal, but it still leaves a

How to Get Started With WordPress

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WordPress is known as being one of the easiest website bases to use, and there are a lot of reasons why. First of all it only takes you 5 minutes to get it set up and started. But there is a lot more to it than that. When you are creating a wedding website you will probably assume that you

How Happy Brides Equal a Happy and Healthy Business

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Clients who are dealing with horrible customer service can change from your best customer ever, to telling the world how terrible your company is overnight. Take our friends who had their 2007 Dodge Charger die on them. Chrysler has run them around the block so many times that they finally decided to not only complain to the BBB, but also