The Wedding Market Right Now

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As much as I’d love to say that there is a huge boom in wedding sales an article by Chris Jaeger on Wedding Business Today has information to the contrary. According to them TheKnot’s sales have fallen off in the first quarter of this year. What does this mean for you and how do you get your sales up? Don’t

Basic Video SEO

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When you have a wedding website, videos are some of the most powerful marketing tools than can be used. If your business can put together a good video it makes your website stand out from the completion as it gives the potential client a better feel for your business while building trust.  You’ve probably heard the term “SEO Optimization” being

How To Negotiate and Market To Different Personality Types

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By now you have worked with enough people to realize that no two people are alike. This creates problems when communicating and marketing to people as you can often feel lost at how to get through to them to explain how your wedding product or service will meet their needs. People can be broken down into four different personality types,

What Is The ROI Of A Social Media Conversation?

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The idea of getting a Return on Investment (ROI) in work is a good concept which can help determine if the strategy which you are using is a good one or not. A problem of measuring that ROI in social media has arisen as figuring it out can be difficult according to Rohit Bhargava’s article on his blog as well

How Small Businesses can Accept Credit Cards – Affordably

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One of the biggest issues on the payment front for small businesses is getting to a point where they can accept credit cards. The good news is that Square was launched last October. Square is an app for smartphones that allows small businesses to accept credit cards and only pay 2.75% on each purchase. If your wedding business is like

How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Website Mistakes for Small Businesses

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Your wedding business website is like a storefront, if it looks like Macys people will think it IS Macys, or if it looks like a consignment shop people will assume that it really is a consignment shop. It doesn’t’ take much work to make your website stand apart, but it is just as easy to make the mistakes which make

5 Steps to Writing a Killer Article

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Writing a great article or white paper is crucial for building the content on your wedding business website, as well as for writing great guest blogs on other sites that will draw attention back to your business. It’s actually a simple process as long as you follow the formula, have inspiration for your topic, and don’t overthink what you are

How to Target Facebook Categories for Advertizing

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Facebook is moving toward helping advertisers reach the correct market by testing out some new and exciting strategies for choosing categories for ads. Why should this excite you? Well according to Josh Constine’s amazing articlesome of the sub categories are things like “Engaged ( Regardless of the great advances you can still implement more targeted ads by choosing from the

Netflix Marketing Lessons for Wedding Businesses

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If you haven’t heard of Netflix yet you might just want to look into them now. As of a couple weeks ago they have taken over the nation’s leading cable provider in number of subscribers. Why is this, and what did they do right to make such a huge leap forward in a tough market? When it comes to marketing,

How to Increase the Open Rate for Your Emails

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Okay, so you’re sending out emails to your list of leads for your wedding business, but they aren’t getting opened. Needless to say this can be one of the most frustrating features of building your wedding business, and something that is important to solve if you want to be successful. So, how do you get the emails opened and read?