A Celebration Of The Ideas Behind Marketing

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Marketing is the baseline of every business. After all, if you don’t market you can’t get clients, and without clients you have a hobby, not a business. There is so much training around on marketing that it’s easy to get stuck in the nuts and bolts of the process. Magdalena Georgieva posted on the HubSpot blog celebrating the marketing field

How The American Wedding Is Changing

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If you pick up a wedding magazine you will be blown away by the price of the weddings, and the pure extravagance of the entire event. This has probably been the case for decades but what it doesn’t tell you is that real weddings have very little to do with the marketing ads. According to a great article on Think

How To Prepare For The Change In New York Weddings

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If you haven’t heard yet New York just passed a law that legalizes same sex marriages. So what does that mean for wedding businesses in the state? First and foremost you need to consider whether your business is set up with products and more importantly staff who can help plan a same sex marriage. According to a news video by

Things You Need to Know About Your Website

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Most businesses are still extremely daunted with the idea of getting a website up and running. A few years back that fear and reticence was based on the fact that it was extremely difficult to program a site. Now days however WordPress and similar website management sites have made it extremely easy to set up a site. While you may

The Difference Between Activity And Progress

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People seem to always be in a flurry of activity now days. We run from one activity to another while hardly taking time to breath in between each activity. Does this mean we are getting a lot done? According to Dave Brock’s blog “Partners In Excellence” the answer is no. Your wedding business needs to see progress in order to

How to Get Started in Social Media For Marketing Your Wedding Business

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I’ve heard people talk about how social media is a free way of marketing, or that it isn’t very effective. Neither perspective is true as the time end effort put into social media marketing can be extensive especially at first when you are building your campaign. Rather than throwing out some random thoughts and just trying to get the social

Why Your Business Needs To Be Wary of Over Achievers

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Businesses often respond to the allure of hiring an over achiever, even if it’s just for a short time to “fix” their business. The benefits seem to be so high that it’s easy to forget to think about how they may end up causing more problems than they are worth according to Incisive Edge’s article. Yes, and over achiever can

How to Grow Your New Wedding Business

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Getting started in the wedding industry sounds easy and like something that will let you play around in something that you love. However, just like anything else, it is still a business and requires the same strategies as any other business to make it successful. Business ihub talks about the importance of getting the right strategy in place to get

Why Social Media Connections Are Important In Your Business

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It used to be back in the day that if a business did good SEO for their website and blogs they would get good ranking. That is still true today to a point. However Google has been constantly working on strategies to personalize their search engine in a way which affects the results that each person sees when they do

Making your Wedding Business Blog Work

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                    While websites and social media are good they aren’t the end all according to Allison Midori Reilly in her article. A business blog is an imperative part of online marketing which fits into its own niche. You can communicate so much more in a blog post than in a Tweet,