Making Your Blog Work For You

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Blogging seems to be something that nearly everyone has done at some point. However the difference between playing with a personal blog and creating a successful blog for your wedding business is major. The key to making it work is in the extreme basics and small details. First of all Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty stresses the importance of

New Marketing Ideas To Reach Brides

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When it comes down to it, marketing creativity is what makes a bride take notice of a business and increases the chance of her choosing one business over another, especially if the marketing is connected to a friendly business. Although social media and Foursquare in particular were the focus of Lauren Drell’s article, there were scads of great ideas for

Expert Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Wedding Business

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If you have tapped into creating a Facebook page for your wedding business you probably have noticed that the responses and interaction with your content sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. The cool thing is that there are actually tips and rules to making your page a successful part of your marketing efforts. Pamela Seiple has a great article in which

Why You Need To Connect With Brides via Social Media

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Marketing has come a long ways since the advent of social media. Whereas in the past there was an invisible glass wall separating clientele from businesses, today there is major ongoing interaction directly between clients and business management. The wedding industry has amazingly taken much longer to tap into the change which has lead to major frustration with brides. Of

Will Google +1 Affect the SEO on Your Wedding Website?

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Having your wedding business website high in Google rankings is super important for any bride to actually find you online. As a result most businesses spend a good amount of time optimizing for Search Engine Optimization. The only thing is that what works right now, may or may not work in a few months, resulting in the need to update

What Things Turn Brides Off?

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Gauging whether your wedding business is in the running with a bride can be a little difficult. So how do you do your best to avoid turning them off? The first impression that a bride has of you and your store is usually what they end up going with. Don’t assume anything. Always ask what you can help them with

Vendor Criteria From Real Brides

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Have you ever wondered what really makes brides choose one vendor over another? The Perfect Wedding Guide puts together a yearly panel of real brides and asks those hard questions. The interesting thing is that no bride on the panel replied that the design or product was the deciding factor for the vendor they went with. Something that did stand

How To Market To Brides Via Text Messages

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Lots of big companies use text messages to market to their customer base anywhere from once a week, to once a month. This type of marketing is a great way to get heard by brides as almost all of them will check the message to see who texted and what was said. As long as you make your texts relevant

How To Turn Social Media Marketing Into Income

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 If you’re like most of us you’ve been marketing away, but when was the last time that you checked into whether that marketing was actually turning an income, and if it is, what tactics are the ones working? After all, you aren’t marketing for the purpose of marketing, you’re marketing to earn money and build a successful business. Stephanie Padovani

So What Are The Real Wedding Statistics?

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When it comes to taking a good look at real nationwide wedding statistics The Knot is considered one the best places to get the information. They just finished a survey on weddings and Chris Jaeger posted the results on The Knot. What many wedding businesses will probably find as the biggest shock is the fact that the average cost of