Why A Wedding Business Needs To Tap Into Social Media

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The wedding business sells to a very specific niche. As a result most of those businesses fall into the small business bracket. The good news for marketing according to Todd Wasserman is the very simple fact that a huge chunk of small businesses refuse to use social media for marketing. Why is this good thing? Because so few small wedding

Better Facebook Targeting By Zip Code

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Nationwide marketing for your business initially sounds great until you realize that brides almost always end up buying locally. As a result you have probably already figured out that when you use Facebook ads you can choose the city or state that your business actually needs to target. Even better than using that targeting though is the fact that Facebook

Finding the Perks To Social Media Integration

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The benefits of using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks for marketing are rather obvious. But what about the option to allow users to connect their social media accounts to your blog or website? This is something that I am seeing more and more business use online. The benefits to doing this are huge when it comes to brides integrating

The Downfall Of Focusing Too Much On Goals

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The first step to success is to set a goal. Where do you want to go with your business is the question that almost everyone will ask you. And they’re right. To move forward you have to set a goal so you know what direction to move in. The problem comes when that goal becomes all consuming. Don’t let your

Shaking Wedding Business Doldrums

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In the summer most businesses in the wedding market find themselves deal with slow weeks. The rush for the ideal spring wedding is over and you’re back to dealing with wondering how on earth to get your business up before winter. One of the best ways to deal with this is to find a solution. Carol Tice writes encouraging business

Why You Should Consider Gmail For Your Wedding Business

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First of all let me just say that I don’t mean you want a gmail address for your business. You can use gmail for a address that matches your website while still utilizing all the benefits that gmail offers. So why do you want to consider gmail for your business? Adam Pash has written a great article walking people through

How To Do Effective Business Networking

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Business networking can be fun, but it isn’t something that you do to just get to know the other professionals in your field. Good business networking is a mixture of building relationships and doing it in a way that will encourage sales either from those you network with, or from them giving out recommendations for your business. One of the

How To Make Your Wedding Blog A-List

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The difference between a top blog and all other blogs has everything to do with the design and content. If you want people to take your wedding businesses blog seriously then you need to think about it from your bride’s perspective. They obviously are spending a lot of time on sites like The Knot so how does your site compare?

How To Re-Do Your Website To Make It Pop

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Most websites are built for the business that owns them. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? The problem is that your website isn’t for you. It’s for all the brides that you want to book according to Jessica Swanson (aka The Shoestring Marketer). So does that mean you have to start from scratch and completely re-do your site? Absolutely not. One

How To Increase Your Influence In The Bridal Market

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Building your businesses influence in the bridal marketing has everything to do with how you handle the day to day interactions with people. You can market till you’re blue in the face but without the right attitude and people skills you’ll find yourself stuck. According to Stefan Töpfer’s great article, there are actually some simple steps in increasing your influence,