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Sarah Schupbach

Why Flash Is Not Your Friend

bride computer

  Wedding websites love flash. The quality of images is much better, and it gives your website a much sharper appearance. That said there is one downside to using flash that can trigger your losing a large number of bride leads.  Flash tends to slow down your website from loading. Remember, while there are people […]

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How To Get More Done In Less Time

time management

The dangers of multitasking while working in your wedding business aren’t very extreme, except when it comes to your work time. Each time you let yourself get distracted and switch tasks you are actually slowing yourself down. This doesn’t just apply to being interrupted by outside sources, but also applies when you try to do more than one thing […]

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Marketing Outside The Box

  You can always do the same marketing as every other wedding business, or you can find a way to think outside the box and wow brides. Who said that brides want to see the same type of displays and ads for every business? Think about the bridal guides. Every wedding dress designer has photos […]

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