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Nick Storey

6 Embarrassing Reasons the Bride Blew You Off

Dismayed bride

How do you get brides to respond? Here’s the all too frequent scenario:     Bride (or groom) emails you asking for your “prices and packages.”     You respond promptly with your best professional response and…     NOTHIN’. (Insert cricket sounds here.) What the heck is going on? They emailed YOU for information, which means they […]

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How Do I Deal With Price Shoppers?


How much do you cost?  Can you send me your pricing and package information? PRICE is often the first question they ask…even before they know if we’re even available for their date! Getting Past the Price Question Things feel like it did after the Great Recession hit, the price question started popping up more than […]

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WeddingWire Advertising Review: Wedding Pro Success Story

Wedding Wire Ad

Does WeddingWire advertising really work to get leads? I interviewed Chris Whitehead, Atlanta wedding and corporate events entertainment specialist at Atlanta DJ Online, to learn the unconventional strategy he’s been using to get high quality leads and book weddings with WeddingWire. The Challenge Chris’ WeddingWire featured listing was competing with dozens of other DJs.  He […]

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Five Marketing Strategies for Wedding Planning and Management Business Startups

for Wedding Planning and Management Business Startups

by Shubh Das The wedding planning business is a relatively new concept though marriage itself as an institution has survived through centuries. However, the concept has been embraced well by many entrepreneurs of today because of increasing market demands, low overhead costs of running such businesses and high profits assured. Since event planning is such […]

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