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Kevin Beane

Kevin Beane is from Akron, Ohio. He loves sports (check out his BBC-recognized column here), poker, and sleep, but above all comedy (particularly the sketch and improv varietals) which he performs around the Dallas area.

Should Wedding Pros Eat on the Job?

Eat on the Job

Last year, there was a spot of controversy over a Brides magazine piece which laid out which wedding pros a prospective bride and groom should or should not feed over the course of the big day. Specifically, the writer suggested that, in most situations, photographers ought not be fed. A lot of people objected to […]

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What Do You Think of Naughty Wedding Pics?

Naughty Wedding Pics

Cyprus is a popular country for destination weddings. Great weather year-round, beautiful vistas, and holy orthodox churches who are all too happy to marry tourists, if that’s your thing. Indeed, it’s the orthodoxy of the church vs. the, shall we say, free-spirited nature of some tourists that have caused some recent discord. A couple getting […]

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