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Jeff Padovani

Jeff Padovani is a professional musician, wedding business marketing strategist and resident wise ass at Book More Brides. He’s the “big ideas” mastermind behind the many business ventures (and misadventures!) he enjoys with his wife, Stephanie.

How To Wipe Out Spam Email

Spam.  Who doesn’t hate it?  The good news is that there are some great tools to deal with the mystery minced meat of mail! I’m a fan of Gmail myself, which is pretty cool in this area and of course is FREE. Here is a great blog from Lifehacker on some options to deal the […]

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10 Things I Could Live Without

In my daily perusing of the interwebs, usually in search of truth, insight or just mindless entertainment, I came across a blog post on a subject that’s been nagging at me quite a bit lately. You can read it here: 11 things my life doesn’t need Being rather vulnerable to distraction, you have no idea […]

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12 Blogging Tips For Non-Writers

Are you a writer? Just what I thought, me neither. What! How can this be? Yeah, I’m a blogger who struggles as a writer. That’s right world, deal with it! I’m a voracious reader, learner, dreamer and schemer (I prefer strategist).  Whenever I man the keyboard I’m sweating bullets.  I just wasn’t born with the […]

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Does Your Wedding Marketing Measure Up?

I was hanging out on Wedding Wire the other day and came across this question: What comes first…the branding or the client? It’s a good question.  Do you create your marketing message first and then attract the clients you want…or do you consider your ideal client first and then design your message to attract them? […]

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