How Can I Convince Brides of My Value Immediately?

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Are you sick of getting emails from brides who only seem to want to know about price? Not if you’re available, not the quality of your service, but HOW MUCH? You know you do excellent work.  That’s not the problem.  How do you convince her that you’re worth the price? There are some very specific actions you can take that

5 Powerful Business Resolutions

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I know, New Years has come and gone but still I opine about resolutions.  Well suck it up people!  I’m passionate about your success in 2011, some the nudges will continue! Here is a great post on 5 business resolutions for 2011 that you should definitely have on your list. 5 Marketing Resolutions

The Death of Old Media

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Is old media dead? Not really, but its definitely on life support.  Most of us have come to the conclusion that running an ad in the local newspaper or yellow pages just doesn’t ad up anymore.  I almost feel kind of bad for the yellow page ad salesman who makes his yearly call to me pitching the power and necessity

Why, When and How to Blog Your Way to Booked Weddings

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Leave it to my friend Claire over at the English Wedding blog to make the most convincing argument for blogging that I have ever seen.  Really! Not only does she tell you how to do it simply and easily, she explains the actual results and benefits you can expect to get from it, topics you can blog about and shares

3 Questions To Transform Your Business In 2011

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Lately I’ve been taking challenges my business faces and writing them down as questions.  By asking yourself the right questions, you’ll be amazed at what that super computer in your head will come up with.  Then take a few minutes to list all the possibilities (no matter how outlandish some may seem) that answer these questions. How can I solve

Small Business Smarts For 2011

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I’m a serious business blog junky so when I run across some great advice I pass it along. You might have noticed my regular harping about getting your act together for 2011.  Well, don’t expect me to let up!  The time is now..all signs show a lifting in the economy.  Don’t be left behind! Small Business Smarts Photo credit

What Do Brides Really Want From Us?

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Sometimes trying to figure out what brides want is like learning to speak a foreign language.  Don’t they even know what they want? At this point I can predict pretty much exactly what couples will say when we ask them what they want from their entertainment.  “I’m not sure exactly.  I just want everyone to dance and have fun.” Really? 

What Will Your Brand Look Like In 2011?

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What will your brand look like in 2011?  I don’t know about you, but I want mine to be fun, informative, cutting edge with a dash of attitude!  The whole concept of building your brand is something you should ad to your list of must do’s in 2011. Its time to build your unforgettable personal brand..get busy! Brands Have More

New Years Resolutions For Your Business

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Hopefully most of us take a little time on the first day of the new year to plan a few goals, make a resolution, maybe even commit them to paper.  I recently read that writing your resolutions down gives you about ten times the chance of success. How about your business?  Don’t you think it deserves the same treatment?

The Big Marketing Trends For 2011

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Social media is red hot.  In 2011 your going to see an even larger influence on the business world.  For those who have been sitting on the sidelines or have been casually dabbling on Facebook, its time to engage.  Your participation in the social web will only increase your ability to succeed. Find out more on one of my favorite