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Are You Guilty of the Number One Business Killer?

It’s kind of a laziness epidemic nowadays.  I’m not sure where it came from or where our outstanding work ethic has gone, but sometimes even the most dedicated workers’ work ethic goes on vacation…when it’s not supposed to! More often than not, employees…or even owners…will wait that extra day to get back to you on […]

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18 Common E-mail Mistakes

I came across this cool blog today that I can completely relate to!  And I betcha 100% of every E-mail user can say they’ve made at least half of these mistakes…including you! How many times have you sent an E-mail without the intended attachment?  I am guilty of doing this at least once a day! […]

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Get Your Vision Going NOW!

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We’ve all been there.  We get excited about the prospect of being able to do something only to hold ourselves back for one reason or another.  Or we’ve allowed someone else to diminish how we feel or what we want. I’ve done it.  I know you’ve done it.   Why are we our own worst […]

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