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11 Tips to Reduce Anxiety


Many different things can cause anxiety.  Everyday life, spouses, kids, extended family drama…you name it.  And we’ve all experienced it from time to time. What about your wedding business?  I’m sure you’ve felt a bit anxious periodically about how  many weddings you’ve booked or how much money is coming in.  Am I doing enough?  Is […]

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Writing Helps You Learn? Why yes, it does.

Pen and note

Ever wonder why you’ve always been told to “take notes” in a class?  Not type what they are saying or record onto a cassette? For most people, just hearing the written word isn’t enough.  Even typing it out isn’t enough to make you retain information.  But writing?  Absolutely. The time and effort it takes to […]

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The Freedom of Budgeting

piggy bank

Every single person on this planet could benefit from putting together a budget for themselves.  And as a business owner, a budget can mean more than one thing. As every business owner is aware, TIME IS MONEY.  Obviously you know that the more time is spent on a project, the more expensive it becomes.  This […]

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Get More Work from Your Contacts

Sometimes you just don’t realize what’s right in front of you, huh?  If you really take a look at the bulk of your business, you’ll notice that most likely it comes from repeat business or referrals from your existing customers.  Those are already your bread and butter.  Utilize them! In You Probably Already Do Know […]

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The “So What?” In Sales

I hate sales.  I hate selling, and I hate being sold to. Sound familiar?! But I will tell you one thing.  When I did have to sell, the easiest product I ever sold was one I believed in. No matter what you are selling, find that feature that excites you.  Find that feature that would […]

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Make Your Blog More Successful!

Everyone who has a blog out there wants their blog to be read; they want to share that information with someone.  Who wants to spend all this time researching and writing and sharing for it to just disappear out into cyberspace to never be seen again?  Well…no one! Usually the aim of a blog is […]

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It’s Time to Recharge Your Batteries

According to the blog, This Year You Must Take Your Vacation, 66% of all workers did NOT take all of their vacation time last year. Yes, in this economy it’s understandable that you would rather be at work than not working at all.  Maybe if you kill yourself on the job, you’ll book more weddings […]

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