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Why Now is the Time to Work IN Your Business

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Working on your business; working in your business…yes, there is a difference. Working on your business is, of course, important and necessary.  It’s the meat of the business, it’s making it run smoothly and seeing the “big picture” of the direction you want your business to go. But working in your business is just as […]

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The Value of Networking

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Networking has always been an important part of sales, marketing and business itself.   But now with the ease and wealth of information on the Internet, it’s easier to find the people you want to connect with. Connections lead to referrals, needed help or suggestions, and ultimately…more booked weddings! Read The Value of Networking on […]

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So What is SEO Again?

SEO marketing

I’m gonna be frank when I say…I have no clue was SEO is.  My boss is talking to me about search engines and how people find certain pages…and she brings up SEO. I nod and smile…and then make a mental note to look up SEO.   So here I am looking it up so I […]

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Show Off Your 5 Stars!

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I’ll be honest.  I’m more likely to buy a certain brand of toilet paper if it’s rated better, ya know? Star reviews – or any reviews, actually – are SO important to your business.  It is the virtual “word-of-mouth”.   And you know, really all it takes is one review to make an impact.  If […]

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Social Media and Weddings?


Did you see that viral video floating around the internet some time ago where the bride and groom kissed to seal their vows?  And then pulled out their phones to update their Facebook relationship statuses to “Married”? Funny and cute?  Or tacky? Yes, social media is becoming the norm nowadays.  Hell, I’ve caught myself almost […]

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Avoid Wedding Day Blunders!

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As an experienced wedding planner, I’m sure you’ve been through many different situations.  There are several things that I’ve seen happen at weddings that could have been avoided had an experienced wedding planner been involved. The florist gets the delivery wrong; miscommunication with the officiant or caterer; uncooperative weather; members of the wedding party running […]

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Make It Happen!

Everyone has 30 seconds to make someone feel welcome.  Everyone can bring a smile to someone’s face in that time.  Everyone has time to make a customer feel important and taken care of. Don’t believe me?  Try it. Seriously, it drives me nuts when I hear “I don’t have time.”  I know.  Life is crazy […]

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The New Generation of Customer Service

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Today’s day and age is into everything being instantaneous.  Which is super cool in many respects. Even customer service and business. But you, as a consumer and/or business owner, need to do your homework. Anyone with a little website design savvy can pop up a website, slap a name on it and call it a […]

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