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4 Destination Wedding Trends For 2016

By Rebecca Hochreiter, Destination Weddings Travel Group Trends play a major role in the wedding industry, so it only makes sense for professionals to stay up-to-date with what styles are arriving on the scene and what’s heading out in today’s nuptials, as well as what’s sticking around for another year. According to The Knot, close […]

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Know Your Worth: 5 Ways to Price Your Work

By Jennifer Taylor, Taylor’d Events Group “Every second counts.” If you’re a wedding business owner, you surely understand and agree with this saying. It’s true – every second really does count when you’re balancing client appointments, design schemes, and day-to- day admin work. This is why it’s so essential to ensure that you’re pricing your […]

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4 Smart Tips For Dealing With Event Crises

By Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound Event Services Nobody likes to talk about event crises – they’re as unwelcome as an excessively boisterous great-aunt taking up the dance floor. Just like any great-aunt though, it’s important to discuss these matters in order to ensure that they get handled quickly and efficiently if anything were to happen. […]

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