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Becky Linot

Becky Linot is project manager and superhero assistant at Book More Brides. She rocks the online world and her little ones with boundless positivity and a wicked sense of humor. When she's not busy being a working fool, you can find her in her backyard-farm with her chickens or glued to her sewing machine.

Wedding Industry Roundup

All Things Weddings: Trend alert – Industrial/ Urban Chic Weddings: Industry meets beauty in this modern style of weddings. Instant Wedding Memory and Photo Sharing: Check out this app that allows users to instantly upload wedding memories and special photos while still at the wedding. Baptist Pastor Officiates Alabama Wedding: This Baptist pastor officiated one […]

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5 Awesome Tools to Stay Organized

  Have you ever had so many projects and things to do that you lose track of an important task? Or maybe you manage a team in your wedding business and you struggle with keeping track of what everyone’s doing? Or perhaps you’re wasting time sifting through dozens of emails while working on a wedding. […]

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