How To Make Your Web Site a Daily Destination

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Wouldn’t it be great to know that your wedding business website is receiving continual repeat traffic from the same people as well as drawing in new one? In the wedding industry crossing that line to getting those repeat visitors can be difficult as it is such a focused market. So how can you get those repeat visitors? First and foremost

How To Get Amazing Wedding Twitter Followers

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If you’ve already been on Twitter you probably have a personal account where you share informal information about your daily life. That is where most people start, and honestly where I started before I knew anything about the world of Twitter with a purpose. Once you are ready to use if for a business however things change like crazy if

Are You Discounting or Adding Value?

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Everyone loves a sale. In fact many people go crazy over sale. However as much as that may be the case running sales and posting %50 off packages on your website is not going to get you anywhere. It’s not that there isn’t a place for sales in the wedding industry, however you may want to stick to free consultations,

How to Price Your Services

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Many wedding professionals go back again and again to the question of how they should be pricing their services or products. You can majorly hurt your business by either over pricing or under pricing, so instead of trying to come up with a nice price that sounds good, you actually need to implement strategies that will enable you to find

How Happy Brides Equal a Happy and Healthy Business

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Clients who are dealing with horrible customer service can change from your best customer ever, to telling the world how terrible your company is overnight. Take our friends who had their 2007 Dodge Charger die on them. Chrysler has run them around the block so many times that they finally decided to not only complain to the BBB, but also

Making Your Customers Feel At Home

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When you have a storefront wedding business making your customers feel at home can be as simple as providing a plate of cookies or doughnuts and coffee. Give them a sitting area and food and they will love you forever! For your website it’s just as easy if you think about. According to Cynthia Boris in her article about the

How Effective Are QR Codes?

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If you haven’t heard about QR codes, you have probably seen them around. They are gaining popularity, and are no longer being used just to track vehicle parts. So what are these codes for? They are used to store information such as a url, contact information, hidden text, or basically any type of encoded information that you don’t want everyone

How To Post Wisely with Social Media

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                  Social media sounds like it should be a safe place where you can vent your opinions and not get in trouble for it. Well, regardless of how it sounds it just isn’t true. You may have a tiny bit more freedom when it comes to your personal profiles, the rules to

3 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Facebook Fans

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The value of Facebook fans for a wedding business can be huge, but only if you are reaching them in a way that encourages them to support your brand. Hartley Brody broke this down into three points. First, keep your content continuous and interesting. If your fans like what you are sharing they will share it with their friends which

How To Make Business Personal

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Social network has opened the door to giving that personal touch that brides have been looking for in the wedding vendors that they choose to work with. Catherine posted on WeddingWire Pros that according to Gary Vanderchuk they don’t just want to hear about the brand, they want to know that your company is human. Don’t just post updates. Find