Whats Wrong w/ my website

We asked our awesome Wedding Expert Superheros what topics they would most like to see featured in upcoming Book More Brides workshops and the resounding majority wanted to know more about how to set up and get the perfect website to attract more quality leads.

You asked, and we delivered! We asked the experts- What are some of the biggest mistakes people make with their websites?

Meet Our Panel of Experts:

Brenda Cadman: Website Marketing for Wedding Professionals community
Chris Jaeger: Build Your Wedding Business – Marketing to Brides Online
Kristie Lorette McCauley:Wedding Planner Copy
Shea and Cheryl Bailey: Wedding Industry Rescue

Mistake #1: Making Your Website All About You

Let’s face it, every wedding pro wants to say they are the best on their website, and while brides and grooms of course want to know that you are good at what you do, the sole purpose of your website shouldn’t just be all about how great you are. Brides want to know, what you can do for them and how you can take your experience to make their day great.

 “While it’s great that you have 18 years of experience doing what you do, twist and tweak it so you show them how those years of experience are a great thing for them. In other words, use less “we” and “I” and more “you” and “your.”  – Kristie Lorette McCauley

Make the focus of your website about all the benefits that the client will receive when they book with you rather than just listing your services, products and how great you are; this will create an emotional connection that can set you apart from your competition.

Mistake #2: Not Speaking Directly to Your Ideal Clients

Are you aiming to attract high-end wedding clients? Then it would make no sense to  have your website focus on saving money and budget cutting options- these things are not a priority to your ideal client and that may be just enough to steer them away!

Figure out who your Ideal Client is and then make sure that your website speaks directly to them- this will create the foundation of your website.

 “We call it “Exclude to Include”. Specifically talk only to the people you want to work with and exclude the rest. This will save you time by not having to deal with the “tire kickers” and make you more money because your conversions will increase.” Shea Bailey

You need to directly speak to your ideal client about what matters to them, so choose your words wisely! Also, keep things focused; while you may want to showcase an array of services you offer, keep your target audience in mind and don’t send them conflicting messages about you and your services.

Mistake #3: Not De-Cluttering Your Website

Keep it clean! Putting too much stuff on your website is overwhelming and confusing. In this day and age, many times a bride’s first point of contact with your business will be with your website; so if your website is cluttered and a mess, how will that reflect on your business?

While we are in an industry where everyone is very creative and makes things pretty for a living, don’t go overboard with this on your website. When websites are “too creative” it can also be confusing for people visiting your site. There is a balance between having a “pretty’ website and having a “functional” website. Resist the urge to be too different!

Limit your fonts, colors and themes on your website to keep everything unified, clean and easy to navigate!

Mistake #4: Not Showing, Only Telling

Use your photos, not your words! A website is a highly visual medium so use it to your advantage. You can say that you create the most beautiful cakes or bouquets, but unless a person can see it for themselves, how will they know that for sure?

Make sure to show clients what you can do. Fill galleries with attractive and professional quality images that will attract potential clients. This makes things easier on yourself as well, because you can let you work do the talking for you!

Mistake #5: Not making it easy for clients to contact you

This is a biggie. The most annoying thing to a potential client is wanting to be able to reach a vendor, but feeling as if they are getting the runaround by not being able to find accurate and accessible contact information.

 “It’s usually not enough to have a form clients can fill out…I’ve been constantly surprised at how many websites only provide very minimal contact information.” Brenda Cadman

You want to start a dialog with a potential bride; so make it easy for them to contact you if they like what they see on your website! Make sure your email address and phone number are easily accessible and highly visible (not in tiny contact information at the bottom of the page) on your site.

Mistake #6: Not Listing Prices, or Pricing Too Low

It’s an age old debate in the industry as to whether or not it is best to list pricing on your website. In most cases, prices are not just cut and dry, but it is a good idea to have some general pricing information on your site, but don’t focus too much on the numbers.

 “Yes, brides and grooms always want to know “the price,” but they REALLY want to know what you’re going to do for them and how you’re going to help them have the incredible wedding they want.”- Chris Jaeger

Not putting pricing information on your site could drive away potential leads, but putting some pricing details and focusing more on all the benefits that come along with your services can help to reel those clients back in!

Mistake #7: Not Realizing That You Get What You Pay For

Free listings and free advertising sound great, but are they worth it? According to Chris, the most successful people in the industry are aggressively marketing and advertising their businesses. You get what you pay for- and if you think that the leads are going to come pouring in from free WeddingWire or The Knot accounts, you may be missing the memo.

Your website should be your first and most solid form of advertising. Make sure to take the time to make sure that it is communicating all the best aspects of your business by avoiding some of these common mistakes.

Mistake #8: Setting and Forgetting

Creating a successful website takes time and work. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your website is not measuring it’s success or failure. Most people have a “set it and forget it” mentality with their website, where you will never know if your site is actually helping or hindering your business.

Fix this mistake by installing and  actually using Google Analytics on your website. Analytics can help you increase your conversion rate without having to increase traffic to your website. Be sure to constantly keep focus on your website; make sure it is updated and always up to date with your business offerings.

What sets your wedding business website apart from the competition and has helped you book more weddings?