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Ever notice how neurotic brides can be?

Yeah.  So you’ve noticed.

In most cases, they’ve been dreaming about their wedding day for years, and the day is all too swiftly arriving.  They’re full of hope for the future and fear that they’re going to mess it up.

What Brides Really Need

In this highly emotional state, decision-making, always a painful process in even the best circumstances, becomes excruciating.  After a while the multiple choices involved in planning a wedding feel like a prison sentence.

Brides want planning a wedding to be…Simple.  Easy.  Fun.

Is it fun for brides to pick from 107 different packages?  52 different locations?  832 different first dance songs?

No.  In fact, if you try to sell her something complicated, you’ll lose her.

In the wise words of Seth Godin, “You can’t sell complicated to someone who came to buy simple.”

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Sell brides SIMPLE.  Make it easy and fun.  Eliminate the complicated and your profits will soar.

How has your wedding business gained by simplifying?

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