coffee-and-newsI often find myself wondering why companies that offer essentially the same service for the same price can have such a large marginal difference between the numbers of customers they have. Why do clients pick one over the other and insist that it is the better company?

Bridget Svenson who is a Social Media Marketing Intern for Bride Attraction, writes about how it is essential for wedding businesses to position themselves in the mind of their customers. They should have a distinct message that sets their company apart from the competition.

Find a way to avoid positioning your wedding business in a way that can easily be copied. Is your position that your business provides excellent customer service, while planning an amazing dream wedding? If it is then you have a problem as that is likely to be your competitor’s song too.

The key is to really get to know your company, what it stands for and what it offers that is different. Once you figure this out then you can market your wedding business and your clients will be able to distinguish you from the rest of your competitors.

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