It’s kind of a laziness epidemic nowadays.  I’m not sure where it came from or where our outstanding work ethic has gone, but sometimes even the most dedicated workers’ work ethic goes on vacation…when it’s not supposed to!

More often than not, employees…or even owners…will wait that extra day to get back to you on an issue.  Or send a half-assed product back to you.  Or don’t follow up with you.  Or only do “just enough” to get by.  

What happened to quick responses?  Going above and beyond?  

It seems doing “just enough” has become the norm.  You know what impresses me?  Immediate responses, following up to make sure I’m happy with the product or service, going the extra mile to impress.  That is what keeps me coming back.

That is what keeps your customers coming back, too.  Check out this blog, and make sure that you are not guilty of all – or any – of the things on the list.  

It’s the “What Not To Do” in business.

What other tips can you give to keep those customers happy and coming back?

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