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The Extreme Bridal List Building event starts MONDAY!!

Everyone needs more leads. It’s just a fact of life in the bridal industry. The problem is getting QUALITY leads.

Have you heard the buzz about the new FREE call series “Extreme Bridal List Building” yet?

Our friends Kathy Dalpra of Bride Appeal and Natalie Bradley of Bride Attraction are hosting this totally free series to help you get more leads by “growing” your own bridal lead list. There is nothing to buy, just lots of awesome tips and strategies to enjoy.

Oh, we got interviewed, too, and we’re sharing one of our very favorite ways to create a constant stream of leads.

Just a quick snippet of what the call series is going to cover:

  • Why you’re trying to get referrals from all the wrong wedding vendor peers…and how to figure out who the right ones are.
  • How playing “host” can get you instant bookings in no time flat.
  • A simple and FUN offline strategy that will grow your list like crazy.
  • 2 Facebook fan page tricks to automatically and effortlessly capture more brides to your list.
  • Why your website isn’t bringing you more leads and what to do about it.
  • One little trick that can make you the #1 recommendation of the best venues…for the cost of a postage stamp!
  • The technique to laser target loads of brides from Facebook and Twitter directly to your list.
  • How a little incentive and competition can drive massive numbers to your lead list.

You do NOT want to miss this. It’s FREE (yes, we’ve said that a lot), and features 9 of the top bridal marketing minds out there. Seriously, if you haven’t signed up already, go here now:

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