Price Shopper Project Video with Stephanie Padovani of Book More Brides

What’s the first question a bride or groom asks when they contact you?

Come on.  Don’t be shy…tell me.


About 95% of couples ask the price question right away.  Even before they they ask if you’re available for their date!

It’s enough to make me wanna tear my hair out by the roots.  (Maybe that’s a little extreme–but it IS frustrating!)

All they seem to care about is PRICE.

Hey, I’ve thought it, too.  But it’s turns out that simply is NOT TRUE.

It turns out that price is NOT the most important factor to these “price shoppers!”

In fact, when asked if price was the determining factor in booking a wedding vendor, 80% of brides answered NO.  (Study by The Wedding Report.)

So why the heck do they jump right to the price?

The reason brides and grooms ask, “How much?” before they even say hello is because it’s the one thing they know they are supposed to ask!

Price or Ignorance?

They’ve never planned a wedding before.  They’re actually pretty clueless; all they have to go on is what the brides are saying in the chat rooms (and we all know how accurate that is–NOT!)

Think about the last time you bought a car.  What was one of the first things you did?

You probably looked at the price sticker.

It’s not because price is the ONLY thing that’s important to you.  It’s because you’re trying to educate yourself.  You’re not simply going to buy the cheapest car you can find; if that was the case you could buy a piece of garbage for $500 bucks on the used car lot.

The most important factor is getting the benefit you want out of the purchase: whether that’s safety, good mileage or a sexy ride.  After you get your needs met, THEN price is a factor.

The Answer to the Price Question

Unfortunately, as soon as brides ask the “price question,” what happens?

You probably roll your eyes, force a smile and write them off as a tire kicker who only cares about price.  It’s likely that you pull out your price list or get defensive and start explaining why it costs more to hire a pro.

Hey, I’ve been there.

As soon as you engage on price, your entire interaction with the bride or groom BECOMES all about price.  You’re keeping her focused on the dollars and cents…instead of about your VALUE.

*SECRET:  The more a bride believes your service will give them the wedding of their dreams, the less important price becomes to her.

You need to move her OFF the price question and onto more important topics that secretly educate her about why you’re worth the price…without her even realizing what you’re doing.

The first step is to STOP labeling the next bride or groom a “price shopper” as soon as they email or call with a price question.

When he says, “How much?” translate that to, “I’m interested in your services.  Tell me more.”

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be creating a new series filled with strategies and tips for dealing with price shoppers and getting them off the price question for good.

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In the meantime, stop assuming the bride or groom is a price shopper just because they ask about price.  Start hearing that as an invitation to tell them more instead.  It makes all the difference when it comes to getting them OFF price and moving one step closer to booking you.

What question do you get that you HATE having to answer?