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When it comes to YouTube there is a lot of myth and a small amount of truth connected to marketing there. If you want there to be a possibility of new brides learning about your wedding business through your videos however, hosting them on YouTube is your best bet.

Matthew Toren has written a great article with some of the basics about YouTube used for marketing that is a must read. One of his points is that YouTube is like the Google search engine in that it is keyword based. It doesn’t matter if you’ve come up with the catchiest title in the world, if it doesn’t include your keywords, and isn’t targeted for your market in its description there is no way anyone is finding it.

If you haven’t done any videos for your business yet you need to re-think your strategy. Video has the capability of capturing your viewers interest and emotion whether it’s a how to video, and tiny business introduction video, or a video shot at a recent wedding showing off your handiwork. Many of those can be loaded onto YouTube and then embedded on your website, shared in a newsletter and used for promotional purposes almost anywhere. Just remember to check out YouTube’s video guidelines before posting anything. What do you think? Have you used YouTube for marketing your wedding business and seen any good results from doing so?

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