With A Megaphone By A Wall

When it comes to marketing the end goal is that your business will appear everywhere your target brides are looking. The more visible you are in every marketing venue the more you will appear to be an expert. There is a rule of thumb when selling something: it takes someone seeing the advertisement, product, business, etc. between 3-12 times before they will commit and buy it. Obviously one of the ways to make this happen is by following up with a bride via phone and email after your first contact with her.

There is another way to make your wedding business more visible however according to Lisa Barone’s brilliant article, and this is something very few wedding businesses tap into: guest blogging. To guest blog you contact someone and offer to do an article for their blog/website. You write something as a wedding pro that connects to their readers and include an author bio at the bottom that points back to you and your business, including a link to your website. Once the article is live you link to it from your website, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. Not only does it build links to your website which Google loves, it also tells a bride that you are an expert, and encourages her to look again at your business as a better option than your competition. What do you think?

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