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Twitter marketing has never been easy for small businesses. The reason behind this is because selling something because of Twitter is extremely difficult and time consuming. That doesn’t mean that Twitter isn’t useful for marketing in its own way.

When you have a small wedding business you have to view Twitter as a way to build brand awareness and share information. In fact that really is what Twitter is about. Cooking companies use Twitter to share recipes, speakers use it to inform their followers of where they will be speaking, and coaching companies use it to inform followers of upcoming events and webinars. I’m sure right about now you’re thinking “that’s great, but how does it help my business?”

Michael Stelzner and Brian Solis talk about exactly this in their telecast. The most important thing of all is to realize the importance of brand exposure. Twitter is a great way to build an active community of brides and their friends where you can share advice. You may or may not make a sale directly through Twitter, but it will help build your SEO, build brand awareness, and a plugin on your website showing your Twitter stream will generate more interest from brides who visit your site directly. What do you think?

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