Thumbs down

This was the REAL title of Marc MacIntosh’s presentation at the Wedding MBA last week.  He eviscerated the crappy marketing and bad advertising practices that permeate the wedding industry.
Sometimes the truth hurts, but we can all learn from it.
“We all tell the bride about the importance of hiring a professional and the dangers of DIY.  And yet wedding professionals persist in designing their own websites, logos and advertisements.  Take your own advice and hire a professional!” he warns.
Marc offers marketing advice based on his experience working with wedding pros at the Washington Wedding Experience.

 5 Changes to Make to Your Marketing Now 

1.  Brand your wedding business.
You need to provide a consistent look and theme for everything in your business, from your website to your social media, your business cards and your advertisements.  A consistent, professional experience creates brand recognition and builds trust with brides and grooms.
2. Delete 50% of your ad copy.
If you give too much information on your website or in your brochure, the bride has no reason to call you.  Give her just enough to tantalize her and make her want to call.
3. Find out WHY couples buy from you and use those words in your marketing.
Immediately after you book the wedding, ask the couple why they decided to go with you.  They’ll tell you exactly what concerns you addressed, the specialty they found irresistible and what you did right to convince them.
Use what you learn to repeat that experience with the next bride and groom by including those top “hot buttons” in your marketing.
4. Find out why couples aren’t booking you.
This one is trickier.  It’s a tough thing to ask a bride why she didn’t hire you, and her answer might not be the truth.  But it’s critical information you need to know.
5. Mind the details to make a positive impression.
Eliminate typos and loose ends in your advertisements.  Even one tiny mistake can make the bride worry that you’re going to make a disastrous mistake at her wedding.
Make sure every piece of your marketing sends a positive, consistent message.

The Truth About Wedding Marketing

It’s true that 90% of wedding marketing sucks.  Marc is right.
But that can be good news for you, because it won’t be hard to stand out in the sea of suck.  Follow these tips to get more leads and book more weddings.
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