Instagram is one of the fastest growing and most popular social media apps among generation X and millennials, making it an invaluable resource to promote your wedding business and reach prospective clients.

However, most wedding professionals don’t have the time to keep their nose buried in their smartphones to constantly update their Instagram account.

Have no fear;  these 8 Instagram Tools will help you to keep your Instagram presence up-to-date, save you time and most importantly, score more leads!

1. ScheduGram


ScheduGram allows you to upload, edit and schedule multiple photos and videos in Instagram all in one shot.

Not only is uploading easy, ScheduGram makes Instagram campaigns hassle free by allowing you to schedule posts into the future and automatically posting them for you on their scheduled date and time.  You can also manage multiple Instagram accounts through one interface and ScheduGram allows multiple people access from different devices.

2. Cherrypicc

Cherrypicc is great lead generation resource for small businesses who generally rely on word of mouth and social media to promote their business.

Cherrypicc allows you search through Instagram hashtags and users within a specified radius so you are able to target real,  local leads at the opportune time.

For example, a wedding professional could search #engaged within their desired area and Cherrypicc would find all local Instagram posters who have used that hashtag so you are able to reach out to them.

3. Latergramme

Latergramme is similar in concept to ScheduGram, allowing users to schedule and manage Instagram posts via web or mobile apps designed for iOS and Android.

Latergramme acts as an editorial calendar, allowing you to upload images onto a calendar at the time and date you would like them published, but, unlike ScheduGram, this program does not post photos automatically and you are only able to upload individual images. Latergramme does still allow you to manage multiple accounts through their interface and add team members to help streamline management of the calendar.

4. Onlypult

Onlypult (formerly known as Instapult) makes it easier to view Instagram photos on a larger screen, has an easy to navigate dashboard and has been noted as being one of the best programs that can correctly and automatically size Instagram photos.

Like ScheduGram and Latergramme, Onlypult allows users to schedule and manage multiple Instagram accounts through one easy-to-use,  web based interface.  They also offer multiple plans depending upon how many Instagram accounts you will be managing and how many team members will have access to the account.

5. TakeOff


TakeOff offers similar post scheduling services as Latergramme, and operates through web, Android and iOS platforms.

The big perk of TakeOff is that it helps you figure out the best times to schedule your posts so your target audience will see and engage with them. TakeOff is also unique as it can analyze your photo’s caption and suggest relevant, popular hashtags that will get your posts maximum exposure to your targeted group.

Another cool benefit: TakeOff provides high quality CC-licensed photo suggestions that will allow you to keep you Instagram constantly active, even when you may be lacking in content.

6. Tagboard


Tagboard stands alone in this group as a great research tool. It’s primary purpose is to collect information pertaining to a specific hashtags from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and and compile it all in one place.

Not only can you search through hashtags, Tagboard allows you to create boards around your own hashtags. Tagboards can also be embedded into websites and integrated into mobile apps where viewers can interact by favoriting, retweeting replying and commenting.

7. INK361


Ink361 is a web based program that allows you to view Instagram photos more efficiently by presenting them in a more graphic grid-like style, similar to Pinterest.

When you hover over a post you can then access it’s title and tags and clicking on the photo will enlarge the image and allow you to comment, like and share on various social media sites. Ink361 also offers an “Alert” feature that tells you when your favorite Instagrammers have shared a photo, so you never miss seeing the things that are most important to you.

8. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is arguably one of the best programs currently available that allows you to track your key metrics and provide you with data insight to successfully manage and promote your Instagram account.

Iconosquare is a great resource for those aiming to build a strong Instagram presence and keep followers engaged. This program also makes it easy to engage your Instagram followers by allowing you to search, like, follow, respond to comments and create and manage results of photo contests, all within Iconosquare.

Share Your Instagram Experience

Have you used, and had success, with any of these, or other, Instagram tools?  What other Instagram tips and tricks have given helped improve your business’s online presence and given you more leads?

We’d love for you to share your successes and tips below!