I recently did a survey of over 30 brides and grooms to ask what they look for in a wedding DJ website so that I could write an article for Mobilebeat magazine based on feedback from real couples.

(Hint: this is a great bit of market research to do for your own business, by the way.)

Much of what they told me applies to ANY wedding business. Here’s what they had to say…

What Brides and Grooms Want

1. Reviews and Testimonials

This was by far the most popular response.

Couples want evidence of your value in the form of reviews and testimonials from your happy clients. Make sure those reviews are recent and that you have lots of them.

2. Prices and Package Information

This request isn’t much of a surprise. When couples visit your website, they want to see how much it costs and what’s included, with as much detail as possible. They also liked the idea that you would “customize” packages for them.

3. Unique Ideas & Inspiration

I was asking about DJ websites specifically, so brides and grooms responded that they wanted to see unusual music and song ideas.

However, this applies to your wedding business, too. Couples like your website to give them ideas they can use for their own weddings.

If you’re a florist, write articles and display pictures of the most unique and unusual arrangements from your weddings. If you’re a wedding planner, talk about the amazing details your couples have pulled off to show their personalities. If you’re a wedding photographer, share images and tips about how to create unique photographs.

Show off your expertise and prove your value by sharing inspiring ideas and photos on your website to attract more clients.

4. Pictures!

Couples want to see lots and lots of pictures. And not just any pictures; they want to see images of happy couples (like them) enjoying your services.

A photo of you and your staff, or of your setup is also desirable so the bride or groom has an idea of what your presentation will be like at the wedding, but don’t overdo it.

5. Video

Brides and grooms love to see video on a wedding vendor website so they have an idea of what you’re like in action. This is especially important for entertainers and officiants.

The bottom line: websites with video attract more visitors who stay longer and turn into more leads.

6. Contact Information

This should be on EVERY wedding professional’s website, but apparently it isn’t because it was mentioned by brides and grooms numerous times.

They want an easy to find Contact button that includes your phone number and a real email address in addition to a contact form. This should be easy to find on every page of your website.

7. Honorable Mentions: Professional Website Design, List of Venues, a Blog, Gender Neutral Language

Brides and grooms expect your website to be easy to navigate and uncluttered. They’re making a first impression based on your site, so make it a good one.

Having a list of venues where you’ve done weddings shows off your experience and gives the bride or groom confidence in your work, especially if you’re familiar with their location.

You can use a blog to give couples what they’re asking for in many of these categories: images, video, testimonials, ideas and inspiration, examples of the wedding venues you’ve worked.

One respondent made a really good point I hadn’t thought of. If you plan to attract same-sex weddings, make sure you use gender neutral language.

Same sex couples are looking for words like “partners” or “bride or groom” instead of “bride and groom.” If they don’t find these on your website, they’re going to assume you only work with “traditional” couples.

This is what real couples had to say about wedding vendor websites. What do brides and grooms respond to most on your website? Leave a comment and share your pearls of wisdom!

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