Ever wonder about the difference between the wedding businesses who attract high end leads and prosper, and those who don’t?

One of the fastest ways to become a high end wedding professional is to do what they do.  It’s not just luck; it’s a repeatable recipe for success.

#1 – They outsource and delegate.

There’s only so much you can do as a solo entrepreneur.  If you want to grow, you’re going to need help.
High end wedding pros don’t hide behind the excuses of not being able to afford help or not having the time to hire and train someone.  They make it happen.

Here are some easy ways to begin:

•    Hire someone on Fiverr to install a WordPress plugin for $5.
•    Have a local college student schedule your social media posts each week.
•    Use Fancyhands to research competitors in your wedding market.

#2 – They alienate those who aren’t their ideal couples.

It goes without saying that high end wedding pros have a powerful message that’s irresistible to their ideal clients.  But in doing so, they aren’t afraid to alienate everyone else.

Wedding photographer Angelica Glass boasts that she will “take incredibly sexy, frighteningly real and hysterically awkward images of your wedding day.”  Any couple intent on images of glossy perfection would never consider hiring her after that statement.

Declaring what you are and are not makes you stand out from the competition immediately.

#3 – They have multiple sources of high quality leads.

One good source of leads can be enough to fill your calendar, but it leaves you vulnerable.  If that source dries up—because Google changes the algorithm or a venue goes out of business—your wedding business dries up, too.

High end wedding pros understand this danger and protect themselves by cultivating multiple streams of high quality leads.  This way if one source disappears, their businesses keep thriving.

#4 – They succeed with advertising.

There’s nothing wrong with free wedding marketing and generating leads with referral relationships.  It works.

But it also leaves you vulnerable.  SEO, networking, social media, all of these types of wedding marketing are subject to the whims of other companies.  If something changes, there’s nothing you can do.

Advertising, on the other hand, gives a predictable response.  Once you’ve mastered bridal show, Google AdWords or Facebook Ads conversion, you know exactly how much it costs to generate leads.  If you need more leads, simply buy more ads and get a guaranteed result.

#5 – They have proven systems for attracting leads, following up and making sales.

When you’re growing a high end wedding business, you need repeatable processes.  Haphazard or hope-and-prayer marketing yields unpredictable results.

High end wedding pros identify and create processes they can use for predictable results again and again.  It allows them to train a team to duplicate that success and optimize over time.

#6 – They maintain a growing database of clients.

High end wedding pros know that it costs up to 7x more to earn a new client than it does an old one.  They also recognize that their past clients are the best source of targeted word of mouth referrals.

A client database allows them to collect emails, store data and follow up with current and past clients to build relationships, nurture leads and make sales.

#7 – They follow up automatically.

High end wedding pros use their time wisely.  They know that a limited amount of energy and time resources each day necessitates efficiency.

As your business grows, you’ll naturally get busier.  It’s easy for those leads to fall through the cracks, or to drop the ball with your current clients.

High end wedding pros use automation to stay on top so they can grow to the next level.  Because of this, they can constantly follow up—without being pushy—so they’re the first choice when the couple is ready to book.

Learn the Sales Secrets of the High End Wedding Pro {Workshop!}

You’ve learned the secrets of high end wedding pros.  Now we want to show you how it’s done.

Jeff and I are going deep into the strategies of sales and follow up automation in our upcoming workshop.

Those who attend our workshop will walk away with the following:

  • Learn the hidden costs of the common mistakes wedding pros make that can easily cost $7,800 per year!
  • How one wedding pro increased bookings 50% in only 6 months…and saved 5 hours every week.
  • The 2 email system that you can use to get 100+, online five-star reviews and hundreds more high quality leads.
  • How to double your wedding business…WITHOUT any additional leads!
    The mindmap and templates to pull it off.

Save your seat and join us here!

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6 thoughts on “7 Secrets of High End Wedding Pros”

  1. Tu Nguyen says:

    What a good read! Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Jeff & Stephanie,

    Thanks so much for this article as it pinpoints the exact kind of clientele that I want to reach and the exact kind of planner that I want to be perceived as by my clients! Angelica Glass’ description of her services is hilarious…I’m sure the “frighteningly real” blurb does tend to weed out the potential clients she hopes not to work with. However, I disagree with the glossy perfection bit, because all her photos are divine!

    Not sure what “judgment” the other commenter was referring to because I didn’t perceive any. If you want to work with a particular target market – go for it and be super proud of yourself for what you accomplish! There are all types of wedding vendors for all types of bridal clients and all types of budgets. If it was all one big homogenous market that would be really boring in my opinion. Go for the clients you’re comfortable assisting and don’t worry about any of the rest of them. But that’s just my two cents.

    Thanks for another insightful article! 🙂


  3. Robin Kemp says:

    I get tired of articles asking “Are you getting high-end clients?” These articles make me feel as though I run a second-class business if I’m not charging an arm and a leg for my services. Not every couple can afford the services of a wedding planner, so I market my “low-end” services specifically to those couples, and in this economy, I have plenty of clients! I believe every bride deserves a memorable wedding and I feel that I am providing a valuable service. The thousands of dollars that I save my brides are worth every “thank you” and hug that I get. A wedding planner does not have to be snobbish to be successful.

    1. Robin, I’m not sure why you would care about a market you don’t want to service. It sounds like you are doing fine with the low budget market. At the same time, you seem to feel judged because there are quite a few articles on higher paying jobs. The reason is pretty clear..more vendors are seeking information on this topic. Not as many are seeking how to break in to the budget market. No one can make you feel bad about this unless you are conflicted about it yourself. You also seem to feel judged and then turn around and judge a planner to be a snob if they want to work this market. I’m glad you help couples who can’t usually afford a planner. Stick with what works for you. Don’t bother with articles like this and enjoy your success where you’re at.

      1. Ron says:

        Jeff makes a good point. Nobody can climb on your back till you first bend over… (Don’t bend over). The other point is by working with higher or even slightly higher spending brides you can do fewer and reap the same dollars or the same number and make more. If you do fewer then you can give them even more attention and personalised service. Isn’t that a good thing. It is Not One or the Other, there is middle ground (where most sit and ponder) and there is also doing what works now with aspirations for greater things that will drive you to bigger and better results. That is a win-win for both you and your clients.

      2. Diamond says:

        I am a hair stylist and I love the advise they are giving. Everyone is given the right to service the type of clientele they want to. No one is saying that if you are choosing the value guest for what ever reason you are wrong. If it makes you feel great and keeps you busy, then you do you.

        There are business owners who may have gone that route in the past and it does not add up to what their dreams are. I have spent years giving for free, giving nearly free, creating the value prices and all. Value clients have plenty of places they can choose from. Most businesses believe they can make more servicing the value client. ..hooray for all of us who did and who continues. It is not for me any more.

        There are guest who wants to pay more, they can afford more what about them? Should they be shunned because they have money? I don’t think so. I know they should not. They need service too.

        So this article is for those who choose the opposite side of the stick because they want to.

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