“What’s hot in weddings these days?” she asks.

I think back over my weddings from the past year, and even though we live less than two hours away from New York City, I know that we’re not on the cutting edge.  Chevron?  Pink and green?  Wait—that was last year!

Thankfully, Laura Cave of the Knot threw me a lifeline with her presentation for the Wedding MBA.  The Knot magazine and blog curates what’s hot and uses it to predict and inspire the emerging wedding trends that brides drool over.

Here’s a little of what I learned…

The Origin of Wedding Trends

What’s new and hot in the wedding industry takes cues from a few sources:

  •  Pop culture.  Think about the influence of shows like Mad Men and the Royal Wedding had on wedding fashion and style.
  •  High art.  Popular museum exhibits and art inspire new trends.
  • Haute couture.  The hottest styles on the runway are adapted to influence wedding gown design and popular wedding themes.

So if you’re gazing into your own crystal ball in predicting 2014 wedding trends, keep your eye on what’s happening here.

In case you don’t have time to monitor all these trends yourself (guilty!), Laura gives us the low down on what to expect in 2014.


1) Refined Woodland – This trend is inspired by Sean Parker’s whimsical wedding in the redwoods.  You’ll see this reflected in 2014 weddings with gowns containing floral accents and vines, flower crowns for the bride, and natural fiber, wood and ferns in the décor.

2) Old World Opulence – The upcoming tribute to 19th century fashion icon Charles James and shows like NBC’s Dracula are sure to inspire a return to the elegant ballroom.  Look for ball gowns and full skirts, gloves and pearls, and formal dining.

3) Pop Art Graphics – This trend draws its inspiration from pop art “cartoons.”  This will be reflected in gown choices that have shorter hemlines and a modern look.  Pop are graphics will make an appearance on invitations and paper.

4) Geometric – This trend evolves from the geometric patterns appearing on the runways.  You’ll see modern, clean lines in dresses and décor.

5) Grecian – For couples who want the elegance of Old World design delivered with more simplicity, they’ll take their cues from the streamlined, modern Grecian looks appearing on the Red Carpet.

6) Marbleized – The marbleized style will appear in invitations, décor and even on the cake.  It suits creative hipster couples planning weddings with a hand-crafted touch.  (Think tie-dye, with oodles more class.)

7) High Tech Receptions – Young couples are increasingly enamored with technology, and they’re going to use this as a theme for the wedding.  Wedding apps, mobile devices, and technology will be encouraged and featured.

For the trend clueless (like me!) this presentation was a godsend.

What wedding trends do you predict for 2014?

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