Bridal ad listingsQuestion: What Drives Brides to Free Ads, Especially If One is 37 Pages Down the Line?

Hi Stephanie.

I am thrilled with the report and templates!  I feel like such an idiot at not being able to grasp so simple and fundamental as the information in your report.  Well worth it and I am now a loyal follower.

I think the most important takeaway in your paper is the ability to have clients envision a real person behind each note that is sent out.  I may be way off base on that one (call it old fashioned), but I think it adds an element of trust and that translates to a higher degree of customer service.

My most burning question is how to find the potential clients. What drives brides to free ads, especially if one is 37 pages down the line? 

I don’t have the deep pockets to be a premium advertiser on 80 different websites, let alone manage them. I would really like some useful, usable advice to not just book brides – but attract them as well.

I sincerely hope you move forward with this project because it is PRECISELY what I am looking for!



Happy New Year, Pam!

I’m so happy this has been helpful for you.

I completely agree (whether it’s old-fashioned or not!) that when you become a “real person” who cares about the bride or groom, it not only creates trust, it creates a higher perceived value.

What drives brides to free ads, especially if one is 37 pages down the line?

Great question!

It’s all about self-interest.  In other words, what’s in it for the bride?

The bride really isn’t looking for a photographer; you just happen to be the service she needs to get what she IS after.

Figuring out what she wants, and what she’s afraid might happen if she messes it up, is critical to attracting a bride.

Tips for standing out in the crowd of competitor listings:

      1. Be different.  If your competitors go left, you need to go right.  If they go color, you should go black and white.


      1. Talk directly to what the bride wants and address her fears as specifically as possible.  A pretty banner ad with the name of your business just doesn’t cut it.


      1. Include a specific, compelling call to action.  Most ads are a pretty banner ad and a business name; telling them what to do doubles the changes that they will actually do it.  “Call me,” or “Click here.”


      1. Write a compelling headline that makes an offer.  This is an extension of the last point.  Instead of having an ad that reads, “Award-Winning Wedding Photography, make an offer they can’t refuse.Something like, “7 Things You Need to Know About Hiring a Wedding Photographer” or “How to Lose 10 Pounds (or Look Like You Have!) On the Morning of Your Wedding” is much more interesting.


      1. Use video whenever possible, or fake it.  Video increases engagement, and wedding vendors who use a little video play button on their ads often have higher click throughs. Just make sure you have a video for them to watch on the other side.


      1. Get reviews!  Free listings that have reviews get WAY more clicks.  In fact, Wedding Wire finds that listings with > 10 reviews get 106% more clicks!  Get lots of reviews on as many of these free listings as you can.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond!


What do you think about free listings? Are they sending you leads?