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Do you ever feel frustrated getting fans to interact with your Facebook page?

Whether you post multiple times a day or just once a week, not getting a response can be enough to make you rethink posting at all.

Did you know that Facebook recently announced a change to their algorithm that allows stories that are getting more engagement to be bumped up in the news feed? This means that what your fans see is more dependent on how many likes, shares and comments you have than ever before.

You’re aware that Facebook can be an important part of your wedding business marketing plan, so what can you do to get fans to engage? I was excited to find this awesome article by Debbie Hemley with a whopping 26 ways to engage your Facebook fans.

Here are my favorite 6 tips and how they can be used for your wedding business:

1: Point Your Fans to Something Specific

Instead of just sharing an interesting article, real wedding or wedding resource (either from your blog or another website) make sure to include an engaging statement, reaction or question that refers to something specific in the post. This will encourage fans to click through and read it, then like, comment or share.

For example, if I were to share this article on the Book More Brides Facebook page I might add something like: “Number 4 seems the easiest to implement. Do you agree?”

2: Vary Your Post Content

Try sharing your content in a variety of forms to make it more interesting. You could include video clips, wedding photos, questions or links to helpful wedding resources.

Check your Facebook Insights to track engagement and see what type of posts perform the best. Choose the types that get the best reaction from your fans and include a variety of them in your updates.

What do you do if you don’t have any videos or photos to share from a recent wedding? See if you can find the Facebook page of the other vendors the couple used and share their videos or photos with your audience. This can be a great way to network and build vendor relationships.

3: Create Timeless Content

As wedding vendors a lot of what we post on Facebook is dictated by trends. You also want to create and share content that has a long shelf life, something that will stay relevant over time. A good example of this type of content could be a series of ‘how to’ articles for your specific area of expertise: “How to Choose a First Dance Song” or “How to Look Better in Photographs.”

The great thing about the wedding industry is the consistent stream of new brides and grooms that find you all year long. If you keep a stockpile of evergreen content to share (and re-share) you’ll always have something that generates engagement without a lot of work.

4: Note When Your Fans Are Online

One of the most useful things you can track on Facebook Insights is when your fans are online. This will help determine when to post your updates, as you are more likely to get fans to engage if you post when they are online so it reaches the top of their news feed.

For example, if you post most of your updates at noon, but your fans aren’t online until after 5pm, the chances of them seeing and interacting with your post is a lot slimmer.

5: Survey Your Fans

Asking questions lets your fans have a voice and creates engagement at the same time. You can ask general wedding-related questions or something specific to your business or field as long as it is structured to get a response. For example, “What do you think of black and white wedding photos vs. color?” or “What is your first dance song and how did you choose it?”

You may also get information from the answers that will help you create articles (see tip 4) or posts that are targeted to their preferences.

6: Schedule Posts on Weekends

While most wedding pros are working on the weekends, your potential clients are likely using that time to research and plan their wedding. Make sure to schedule posts to publish over the weekend so you don’t miss out!

For the rest of the 26 tips see the full article.

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Which of these strategies can you implement on your wedding business Facebook page?

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