Guest Post By Rebecca Hochreiter

Destination weddings: it’s a niche that many wedding professionals are eager to dive into but aren’t sure where to get started.  The best thing you can do is get to know this new-to-you audience from the inside out, so here are some of the top destination wedding facts that you may not realize.

1. Destination weddings make up nearly a quarter of all weddings.

More and more couples are choosing to tie the knot at a destination at least 100 miles from their home – and this trend is only going to continue! The market for destination weddings is expanding at an exponential rate and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

2. It’s not just about the beach – but it can be!

Close to 70% of destination weddings are held outdoors, but that doesn’t mean they are all waterside.

Generally, when you think “destination wedding,” images of palm trees and crashing waves come to mind. While beaches are still popular wedding sites, some of the most unique weddings are held off the beaten path, whether in the mountains, at a historical locale or on a rooftop terrace overlooking the sea. Couples are excited about Irish castles, Tuscan vineyards and even the coast of Iceland to say “I Do.”

3. Most destination weddings last three or more days.

While close-to-home weddings are generally over when the guests start to trickle out, destination weddings tend to be more of an experience rather than an event. With the time it takes to travel, couples host excursions (think wine tastings, sunset catamaran cruises, zip lining and exploring cultural or historical sites) before and after the wedding to make the trip worthwhile for their guests.

4. Fabulous photography is paramount (and expected!)

Because destination weddings tend to be multi-day celebrations, couples love to have each and every event, moment and excursion documented. The idyllic landscape will lend itself to beautiful images, but professional photography will be key.

At the end of the day, a destination wedding, and the images capturing it all, will tie the couple to both the location, and the happy memories that come with it, for the rest of their lives.

5. A honeymoon isn’t out of the question.

Just because a couple is saying “I do” away from home doesn’t mean they don’t get to have a honeymoon!

The vast majority of couples who choose a destination wedding still have a honeymoon – whether it’s sticking around to explore their new favorite place or jet setting to the next spot on the travel agenda. It’s much easier for these couples since they are already away, so think of a destination wedding as a “head start” to either a relaxing or exciting honeymoon (or both.)

6. Destination weddings are much easier than they seem.

One of the biggest myths that we hear about destination weddings is the headache that comes with planning a wedding from a distance.

While couples may stress about planning it on their own, there are a number of options to bring back the peace. From destination wedding planning services to all-inclusive packages, it’s easy for couples to hand the bulk of the to-do list over to someone else and enjoy the ride.

Destination weddings aren’t just on the rise; they’re here to stay. So if you’re hoping to tap into this market, it’s imperative you take the time to get to know them.

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Rebecca Hochreiter is the Vice President of Marketing & Customer Engagement at DestinationWeddings.com, the world’s leading destination wedding and romantic travel planning company. DestinationWeddings.com has worked with over 20,000 couples and half a million guests to plan dream destination weddings. DestinationWeddings.com is one of the award-winning brands in the Celebration Travel Group collection.  


photo credit: September wedding: Robert and Nikki- Ron Chilston photo via photopin (license)