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Question: How do I come up with new information for my blog, email newsletter/ezine, free Bride Bribe, videos, etc?

Hi, guys!

Here’s my question, though.  And it really doesn’t just apply to Bride Bribes.  How do you come up with different information for the Free Offer, blog posts, and ALSO an ezine/newsletter?  I am totally overwhelmed.  Not to mention that I want to do videos.  I don’t want to do a crossover with the ezine and the blog, because I feel that this should be “special” information.

Please help.  I’m on overload.  Also, I know a lot of people write new articles for their ezine each month (or however often they release), but I would prefer to have it be just a few – no more than 12 and they run in a particular order for every client – number 1 is the same for all clients, regardless of when they sign up.  At least until I have got my footing and am less overwhelmed.  What are your thoughts on this?

I really appreciate everything you two do.  You have been so wonderfully helpful and it has made a HUGE difference for me.  Thank you!



Hi, Kiki!

I’m glad you asked this question.

You can cover the same topic 100 different ways.  Once you start brainstorming, you’ll never run out of ideas.

6 Effortless Content Strategies

1. Write down 100 topics your brides/grooms are interested in.  Put pen to paper and just GO.  You’ll be surprised at how easily it will flow!

 2. Get inspired by other wedding blogs.  Check out the Top 100 Wedding Blogs and put them in your reader.  (Watch this video “What to Tweet in 5 Minutes or Less” for instructions.)

 3. Re-blog other peoples’ great content.  Don’t copy their words, but write 100-200 new words about the topic, then link to the article.  Quick, easy blog post!

 4. Do short video interviews with other wedding vendors.

 5. Blog about whatever weddings you’re working on: share an idea, do your own “real wedding” post, etc.

 6. Blog about other wedding vendors and venues you love.

I like to keep a list of article ideas so that I’m never “stuck.”  As soon as you have an idea, write it down.  You’ll soon find ideas everywhere!

Ditch the Ezine

There are two ways to send mass emails: either through an autoresponder series (also called “drip” or “follow up,” depending on the service you use) or broadcast emails (like a monthly e-zine or newsletter.)

I’m a fan of using an autoresponder follow up because it saves time and works very effectively.

Autoresponder Pros

Write the emails once and use them FOREVER.  Less work is good!
Once you have a proven sequence of emails or a “conversation,” you can predictably lead the prospect down the road to booking you.

The biggest disadvantage of using an email autoresponder is that you aren’t able to add links, images or examples from your latest work each month.

A monthly newsletter is a lot of work to format and it’s time you have to invest every month FOREVER.

A more efficient alternative to a monthly e-zine is to send a “blog broadcast” email that can be automatically scheduled and sent.  

Aweber offers this blog broadcast feature, as do other email marketing services.  This lets you send a formatted email containing links to your latest blog posts once a month without having to set it up and schedule it.

Whenever you can do LESS work and still get results, I’m all for it!

Do you use an email newsletter or follow up series to market to brides and grooms?

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