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I’ve been a fan of blogs since they first came out. However it has struck me as interesting that there is a 95% failure rate on creating a successful blog that lasts for over a year. It really isn’t that hard to have a successful blog as long as you know the foundational steps to creating a blog, and stick to them.

To sum it up: You need to know what the public are interested in, know what you want, follow your passion, find a niche, have goals, and work hard. If the public is interested in the royal wedding, blog about it while putting a spin on it that connects it to your business. If there has been a major storm that has ripped through the area, blog about how weather affects weddings. The more personal you are to what you and the reader are interested in and passionate about, the more successful your blog will be. Make sure to read Kalen Smith’s article where she breaks down each step!

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