We’ve been working with some of our Book More Brides students one on one, and we’ve been thrilled with the way they’ve implemented what they’ve learned for their own wedding businesses and the results they’ve gotten.

Would you like a learn a few of their secrets?  Come on, you know you wanna…

How to Answer the “How much?” Question

When he first came to us, Stephen Davies of Oxfordshire Wedding Entertainment was struggling to get brides to RESPOND.  They’d email him for information and then just disappear.  As a wedding entertainer who charges well above the average price, answering the “How much?” question was a particular challenge.

Stephen started testing out different responses to the price question, everything from refusing to share any pricing information without a meeting to giving them a detailed price list.  Finally, he found a response that answers the questions and shifts away from price.

When couples email for a price, this is how he answers…

I really can’t give you a specific price without knowing the details of your wedding.  By way of a guide, I did 30 weddings last year and they ranged in price from 450 £ to 1,000 £.

Giving a price range is a subtle but effective way of filtering out the couples who really won’t be able to afford his prices, while at the same time preventing the others from comparing him to his more expensive competitors based on price alone.

A Crafty Strategy For Getting More Leads

Randall of Randall Granier Photography simply wasn’t getting enough leads.  He’d experimented with giving away a free engagement shoot as a way to meet couples and prove the quality of his work, but the time and money investment wasn’t sustainable.

Randall hatched a plan to do a free holiday Santa shoot at a venue, offering to give attendees a free copy of their photos in exchange for their contact information.  As a result, he collected 50 qualified leads in a single sitting.

His next step is to use a similar strategy by photographing young women of marrying age who attend private bridal fashion shows, makeup trials, “girls’ night out” or charity events.

The Power of the “Special Offer”

Taylor Pechacek of The Music Faktory builds on the relationships brides and grooms have with other wedding businesses to create referrals for his wedding business through special offers and promotions.  Rather than sending leads to the home page of his website, leads coming from each source land on their own special page and receives a unique offer co-branded with the source of the referrals.  For example, brides clicking through from an ad on The Knot are greeted by a special offer and The Knot’s familiar logo.

When a bride visits his website, they are tempted by a “Special Offer – Click here for details!” button.  When clicked, she is offered a free massage when booking her DJ before the deadline.

These types of unique co-branded offers and partnerships have created profitable partnerships and increased the quality of the bridal leads Taylor gets.

How One Officiant Increased Her Facebook Fans 900%!

Like many wedding professionals, Penny Reynolds of Reynolds Treasures struggled to build an audience of brides on Facebook.  At the beginning of her experiment, she had only 200 fans on her business page.

Penny created a free giveaway report called, “40 Ways to Add a Wow Factor to Your Wedding Ceremony!” and made it available for free download from her website and blog usingthe Fans Flood app.  If a bride wants the report, all she has to do is click the “like” button to get instant access.

Using this simple application, Penny was able to rocket her fans from 200 to 1800, a 900% increase!  As a result, she can reach more brides faster with her social media marketing message.

These wedding pros aren’t the only ones with success strategies and secrets to share.

What’s your favorite marketing tip?

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