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By Kristie McCauley

You probably see a lot of advice about how to SEO-up your website copy and content so that it attracts brides online. The challenge you might (or might not) be facing is how to attract local brides, or at least the brides that are marrying in the area where your wedding business is.

Well, here you go…

Learn more about how to attract couples to your non-local niche wedding blog.

#1 – Weave in Your Location

If you’re a wedding planner, the keywords “wedding planner” probably come to mind as the keywords you should be using in your copy and content. You’re right. They are high on the list.

BUT (and it’s a big but here – hence the reason it is all caps) brides don’t tend to search for a wedding planner in general. They tend to search for a wedding planner in a specific location or that works at a specific venue.

Adding some location words to your copy and content can boost the chances that your dream brides find you.

For example, if you are a Washington, D.C. wedding planner then focus on keywords such as “wedding planner in D.C.” or “D.C. wedding planner.” Weave these keywords and phrases into your blog posts, website copy, and online articles.

#2 – Leverage Local Happenings

Check out your local calendar of events and tie in your website copy or information you are sharing in your content with what’s happening around town. You certainly want to focus on bridal shows, but you can also find other types of events that you relate to with your business.

For example, you can mention how hard it is to find the perfect vendor, mention the local show, and share the top 10 ways to find the perfect vendor for your wedding.

#3 – Spotlight Local Wedding Experts

Pick one of your favorite vendors every once in a while and feature them on your blog.  You can do this in a variety of ways, but mentioning other local wedding pros can help with your SEO results too.

You can present the expert info in the form of an interview or you can simply write up your own little blurb about the biz and your experience working with them over the years. Another option is to feature a wedding that you both recently worked together and give the brides all the juicy details.

#4 – Say it Seasonally

Tie in the information you share with the local weather and seasons.

A Florida wedding planner might share information on beating the heat at a summer wedding, while a Maine wedding planner might focus on warming up your guests for a winter affair.

Tips and tricks articles are great ways to share this content, sprinkle in your local keywords, and position yourself as the wedding pro they should be working with if they are getting hitched in the area.

#5 – Community Involvement

You live, work, and play in your community. Showcase this through your blog content and even in your website copy.

Weave in your involvement with local associations, charities, or events. If you are sponsoring an event, tell them all about it. If you give a percentage of your profits to a wedding charity or a charity in general, then give it a shout out.

It helps to show brides that you are about more than just work and it helps to bring the local aspect of your business into perspective.

Attracting local business can be a challenge when you are writing your copy and content online. When you narrow your focus geographically, you can easily start to attract your DREAM brides who are marrying in the area.

Kristie McAulley

Kristie McCauley is a former certified wedding planner, award-winning copywriter, published author, and former owner of a wedding planning business. Kristie works with wedding pros to create websites with words that pack a meaningful punch to BOOK MORE BRIDES.

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