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By Kevin Miller

It’s the goal of all small business owners: getting that much need publicity for your business or brand. You know you need to get your name in front of new couples and raise awareness for your service or product.

But how can you get that necessary advertising without breaking the bank?

Here are five ideas to get you started, beginning at the bottom and working up to my personal favorite.

#1 – Make sure journalists know you exist.

Journalists may go out and hunt down stories about celebrities and crime, but when it comes to your wedding business, YOU need to do all the running.

First, consider what you’re doing that can be a newsworthy story.  Are you launching a new product or service?  Have you been a part of a big event?  Are you a local entrepreneur “underdog” who is just starting to see the benefit of all that hard work?

Whatever your situation, make sure the local and national news knows about it by issuing a press release. You can post it on one of the big press release sites, or email it to your local papers to attract coverage in your immediate area.

HARO is also an excellent venue for connecting with journalists for large and small publications search for expert sources.

Learn 3 more creative strategies for getting free press here.

#2 – Put a new twist on an old story.

What makes your business different than everyone else’s? Can you work any of those things into a great story?

If not, create the story yourself.  Are you a photographer sponsoring a photo shoot for charity? Are you a cake maker working with a bride who has hired you to make the biggest wedding cake ever? Are you a florist importing something rare and unseen?

Whatever you can think of that’s unusual or quirky might be the thing that gets you space in the newspapers and media.

Learn more about the recipe for a great media pitch here.

#3 – Bring your story to the “little guys.”

It can be tricky to get your story in front of an editor of a major newspaper, but what about guest posting on blogs, or aiming at smaller publications?

Get your real weddings featured on the hottest blogs and you have press that creates targeted traffic and enhances your reputation.

Don’t forget your industry specific magazines and similar publications. There are a wealth of websites searching for great content who will tell your story.

#4 – Create your own press.

Do you have a blog and social media? If yes, then keep posting regular and relevant content. If not, then what’s stopping you?

Today’s wedding market is a two way conversation between you and your couples.  Social media is the perfect outlet for this.

#5 – Become the go-to expert.

You need to be an expert in your field. When someone looks online they need to be finding your name. But how do you get that out there?

Lead with your strengths.  You can write a book on your topic and self-publish for instant credibility.  Or take photos and create a following for your Pinterest or Instagram channel.

Combine this with your blog and other social media postings, and now when a local journalist needs an expert source, they’ll come to you, the wedding expert.

Get Creative, Get Picked Up

When it comes to getting your wedding business in the press, you need to be smart and creative.  I happen to have it on good authority that wedding pros have these traits nailed down.

Use those strengths and make it happen.

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