There’s nothing worse than wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work.  Unless it’s learning that you’ve made a mistake you could have easily prevented.

“Do Facebook Ads really work to book weddings?”


The answer is, absolutely YES, but only if you use an effective strategy for turning those ad visitors into booked weddings.

Avoiding the following mistakes is a good start.

Mistake #1 – Targeting your ads by “engaged” relationship status and zip code only.

It’s not a bad thing to target engaged couples in your local area, but you’re ads aren’t nearly as effective as they could be.

Facebook has a plethora of targeting options, and most wedding pros haven’t even scratched the surface.

Facebook allows you to create a custom audience based on website visitors, email addresses or phone numbers that you upload.

The most effective targeting options for most wedding pros, in order are:

  1. Website custom audiences – visitors to your website
  2. Facebook page fans
  3. Lookalike audiences – these are “cloned” audiences of people with demographics similar to your website custom audience or fans

There are many more targeting options (Jon Loomer mentions 13 different ways to target your ads) but these will yield the best results.

The more targeted your ads, the less they will cost and the more leads you’ll get.

#2 – Sending ad traffic to your home page.

The most effective ads make a specific offer.  When a person clicks on your ad, that offer is what they expect to find.

When they click through and land on your website homepage, that’s not what they were looking for.

This creates confusion and distrust, and that loses the leads.

Send your Facebook Ad traffic to a page that’s specifically designed to extend your offer and turn that visitor into a lead.

#3 – Trying to book them in your ad.

When I ask wedding pros, “What’s the purpose of your ad?” most of them answer…

“To book more weddings.”

No, no, no!

Of course, you want to eventually book the wedding, but you’re not going to do it right in your ad.  There are a few steps in between, especially on a relationship building site like Facebook.

The only people who are going to respond to a “Book me now before it’s too late!” offer are those who already know you.  The rest will ignore your ad.

Recognize that you’ll need to create a relationship with the people who see your ad first, before you can book them.

Make the goal of your ad getting them to click on it and take a small action that gets you one step closer to booking you…eventually.

#4 – Running a “like” campaign to a Facebook page that’s not designed to capture leads.

Growing the fans on your Facebook page is smart because it’s a highly interested audience you can target with organic Facebook posts and ads.  You can also use it to target others like them when you create a lookalike custom audience.

However, most wedding pros focus on the vanity game of getting more people to “like” them, and they don’t have a strategy for capturing those leads.

Unless your Facebook page is designed to capture leads, you’re better off sending them to your website where you have a shot at booking them.

#5 – Choosing the wrong optimization for your campaign.

Facebook Ads offers 10 different campaign objectives.  Each may be chosen or not, depending on the desired result from your ad.

What do you want people to do when they see your ad?  Use this to determine your objective.

If your goal is to get leads, your objective is to “increase conversions on your website,” and you should optimize your ads for “website conversions.”  (A “conversion” is what happens when someone takes an action on your ad, such as filling out your contact form.)

If your goal is conversion and you optimize your ads for clicks, Facebook will show your ad to people who are most likely to click on them.  That’s a mistake when what you really want is for visitors to convert by taking an action.

Learn the 5 Secrets of Facebook Ads That Book Weddings

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