Kissing on the BeachDo you ever feel stuck choosing topics for your wedding business blog? While showcasing real weddings and photos of your work is great, there are other things you could also be sharing on your blog to help grow your business.

This article from Social Media Examiner, “12 Types of Blog Posts to Drive Traffic to Your Blog” gives ideas for varying your blog post types to maximize traffic and end your writer’s block.

If you’re looking for some new blog post ideas, here are my favorite 5 types of posts and how you can use them for your wedding business:

1: ‘How-To’ Articles

How-to advice doesn’t have to mean DIY – most brides and grooms are clueless when it comes to wedding planning and are hungry for information.  Providing content such as ‘How to Choose a Wedding Photographer’ or ‘How to Get the Most from Your Wedding Budget’ is a great way to position yourself as an expert and become a trusted resource for the couple, making them more likely to book your services.

2: Resource Lists

You can make your blog the go-to place for wedding information in your area by including resource posts to help couples with their planning. Choose the wedding categories that brides and grooms typically search for and book before your service and create helpful lists with links to those wedding professionals. This is helpful for both the couples and the wedding pros you refer.

For example, you could create posts like: ’The 10 Best Wedding Venues in Your Area’ or ‘The Top Wedding Planners in Your City’. Have each link open in a new window so they don’t leave your site.

3: Infographics

What to do when you don’t feel like writing another post? Find a wedding -related infographic to post or create your own! Brides love infographics and they are easy to share.  Do a quick search on Google and you’ll find hundreds of these images to choose from, with most only requiring a link back to the original site in order to use them on your blog.

4: Interviews

I love reading interviews and many brides and grooms do as well. So, how can you use interviews on your blog? You can interview past clients for a new take on a real wedding post, interview other wedding professionals in your area (great for networking) and even post interviews with you and your staff so that prospective couples can get to know, like and trust you before they book your services.

5: Guest Posts

Featuring guest posts from other wedding professionals on your blog is a great way to share audiences and establish you both as experts in your field. Reach out to other wedding pros in your area and ask them if they’d like to write an article, or share a real wedding on your blog. Just make sure that their post is original content that hasn’t been used elsewhere.

How do you keep your business blog content fresh?

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